October 01, 2007

tanglung festival...

me and my sis fooling around after keeping the tanglungs

ghostly figure in the dark..boo..

my sis and me posing with the tanglungs!! arent they beautiful??

well well well.. yea yea i played tanglungs two days before the celabration.. well more like my mum came out with the idea.. she started taking out all the tanglungs and hang it on the tree outside while we were watching tv..
then my sis realised it and ran out to burn all the candles she can...
-_-.. i have no words for her...
it was beautifull.. it was all dark and only the tanglungs were visible....how romantic.... ^^
then on the night,25 sept, the moon was extraordinarily huge and beautiful! tho was looking at it through the packed car of kam mun on the way to go eat steamboat...hehe... my ass hurted after that night cuz we didnt have enough space...swt..
but hey i enjoyed that day... hehehe...

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