July 05, 2008

what's gonna happen in a month~

haha~ let's see...
in a month lots of eeergh and yay stuffs are gonna happen oh~

let's see...

ergh... :
my final
EXAMS are coming and so since i am not ready for it now... i'm kinda freaking out alil.. but the thing is that i am just SO sosososo so lazy to start revising now... as usual.. and so i basicly have an unreasonable reason to freak out here... =_=

yay!! :
an event in my college called the FUSION FIESTA is coming! i'll be part of the organizers and this is exciting~ its a dance n band inter-varsity competition and it's coming~! It'll be on the 12th of July 2008 in HICT auditorium, which is in my college~ check out the poster!!


my finals is on the 23rd. of JULY..... which is a week ++ after fusion fiesta... which means i have to study n work for this two events at the same time~ which i as myself will surely concentrate on fusion first instead of studies~ which is BAD in a way..

then again..

yay!! :
cuz after the finals i'll have like one WHOLE friggin' month to laze around and rot at home!!!

i have ONE WHOLE FRIGGIN" MONTH at home... =_= what m i gonna do wih one whole month????!!!!!!

but then...

yay!! :
i don't have 6 x 15 ^ 9M assignments to do and 13 x 6 x 3 tests to study for one whole month!!!!!!! oh yeas!!!!!!!!! and i get to actually go out whenever i want to wherever i want!! yay!! so tempted to go to redang now after seeing my friend's redang trip photos on facebook... such blue water and white sand..............................................................

ergh~ ;
i CANT go to redang... it burns pockets... T-T

ergh.... :
probably should just stop whining here and accept the fact that m gonna have to suffer for the next 2 weeks burning the midnight oil (since i don;t study in the morning or days before exams.. my method : study the nite before the exam.. wahaHAhaha.. if only it could burn my fatty oils as well. hmmmm..)

ergh~~!!! :
i think i shall go and watch my remaing episodes of bleach now.. since the cd my friend gave me to copy episode 81 till 100++ is corrupted~ ( note : not corrupted with "that" sorta stuffs kay.. ewh~)



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