September 19, 2008

sesated pictures!

m bored.. found this old class picture of mine so simply put it up..

miss the 5ST1 moments!
the craziest, naughtiest first science class in SMK Sri Andalas!!!


right in front of our classroom! we camwhored(the whole class!) till we were late for physics class!


the same photo which i played with the effects!


my BFFs!
(clockwise from left : anusha, ongie, mua!, anan and harveen)

all the guys..

the guys + me n suraya with Pn Tan

all the girls

the girls (includes jasvinder) with Pn Tan


few of us camwhorers with Pn Syarifah~
most sporting maths teacher!

farewell party02

us ribena kids during farewell party '06

class year end farewell party 06

and another one with us ribena kids

munkiis of smksa

us "high achievers" at the majlis penyampaian hadiah for SPM
*proudly speaking* haha

those were the days..
i didn't camwhore so much till that particular year,,
for a few months we brought cams to school and non-stop snap snap snap everyday!

best moments in lyf~!


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