September 10, 2008

simple things that brightened my day!!!!


today i just realised how small (literally) small stuffs can easily make me smile so darn wide~!
what happened was...

today i was all the way whining and dreading to go to college cuz all i have was a 2-hour lecture from 9-11!!
best part was it was my "favourite" lecturer!!
i was like why do we have to do this??!!
i dowana go to clas....
*whine whine whine*

and thanks to my whining my parents identify this lecturer as the "cheong hei lou"
(as in.. um.. the "talknonstopannoyingly" guy.. i think thats how u put it.. XD)

but then upon reaching college my dad noticed there were school buses there and so i just lazily said
"aiya.. i think got those motivasi stuffs for school again la"

and then i got down from the car, still teasing my sis who can't pronounce bitter in cantonese the right way..
(she pronounces 'fu' which makes it means trousers instead of bitter XD loser)

then, surprisingly i saw tons of kindergarten kiddos sitting at the lobby area waiting their turns to get into the lift!

i was like OMG! they are so VERY VERY CUTE and ADORABLE and SMALL!
makes me wonder.. are today peoples getting tinier and tinier?????

i mean they are super kuchi kids!
not to mention super cute!!!

a smile immediately carved on my face!

when the lift was here the teacher (a very garang ms siti) was screaming at them telling them to enter the lift in a line..
"choo choo train yea everyone! follow teacher siti!"

and they walked with hands on their friend's shoulder..

tho one of the girl *blur blurly* walked and let go of the boy in front..
miss siti went
"aiyo! faster lar! come! *pulls the girl by her hand quite harshly into the lift*"
then she looked at me and smiled.


ganas nyer.....

and i was there in the lift with like 20kids and 3teachers..
and all kids(well, not all, one or two aren't) have the height till my knees ne!!
if only i thought of taking a picture of that..
was too occupied looking at them.

yes yes
i have a very extreme reaction when i see these cute kiddies..

one of the teachers even said something like
"see la.. you all come here become popular de.. these people all saying hi all to you.."

me and my friend looked at each other and laugh..
then jasvinder started to scream hi to the kids and told me that
he's tempted to go join the choo choo!



then.. we ran to class..
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or maybe ran away from class(but we can't cuz lecturer saw us de T_T)
so we were more of
walkedasslowaswecansothatwecanskipatleasthalftheclass walk..
but we're still not late!
and my lecturer brought his son to class...

and i discovered a way to keep me awake in his class!
put on my earphones and listen to touch my body and bye bye by Mariah carey!

i even managed to asked a few questions and argue some points!
ain't it amazing????!!!

ok.. the point is...
the kids made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya Q-dees kiddies!!

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