October 02, 2008

eid mubarik~!!!!

selamat hari raya
kepada saudara serta saudari..

i've been eating like a buffalo this holidays!!

we can really eat!!!
that one sunday we (me and my family of four) ate pasta for lunch..
then around 4pm we went for a "snack" whish consist of :
  1. asam laksa
  2. popiah
  3. fried chicken chop
  4. rojak
  5. lo han guo drinks each
and then around 6 to 7 plus we were muching on biscuits and coffee at my aunts place..

and THEN
we went for "dinner" at 12AM!!!!!!!
what we ate??
we ordered:
  1. sotong and kangkung cuz i said i avent tried it before
  2. my sis ordered sze chuan noodles, which i curi alil
  3. and two sticks of taiwan sausages,which i mucshed half of a stick
  4. and my parents ordered char kuey teow, which i shared with my papa..
and the uncle really looked like chibi-maruko's ji-chan!!

chibi maruko chan

maruko's ji-chan

ji-chan (maruko's granpa)

but then what the heck..
the amount of food we ate show's how happy we are!!

off to more food muching!


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