October 05, 2008

kamikaze of the roaches!!

muzikas instruments~~

it's a favor my sis asked me to do for her folio thingy which needs drawings of musical instruments and at the same time my printer''s ink is dead and i am lazy to refill it..

so this is what she get to stick on her folio!

the "sapeh" i drew damn jadi!!

but sorry to those sarawakians who knows that those patterns on it is not the real thing..
i agak-agak draw de...

hate the rebana ubi.. sucks to the max!

and here love the pipa!

alrite alrite..
enough of self bangga-ing..

yes i feel proud that my drawing is so nice! ( for me to look nia la... )

i am facing the attack of the roaches now!!
4! i repeat FOUR / szi / sei / si / EMPAT / anji (if m not wrong)
ROACHES kamikaze-ed my computer table!!!!


*sprays ridsect!!!!!*
DIE ROACHES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw, dad just killed another one with the newspaper..

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