November 30, 2008

i broke the Record!

It is 4.32 AM
i am awake.
widely awake...

yesterday(actually it's already the day BEFORE yesterday)
i slept at 3.45AM thinking i broke the record.
and on that nite
i ate mum's [pork cooked with vinegar and ginger] whatever you call it in english
( te ka chor in hokkien)
at 2.30AM

enjoy giler~
damn syiok ah the sourness of the vinegar and the spicy-ness of the ginger that burst in your throat!

was watching my parents play solitaire till 5AM

how cute they are!
romantic-nyer see them argue on which cards to move and teasing each other

another week and here comes exam!
i'm worried.
i'm lazy
i'm freaking out
i'm lazy
and i am lazy


and it's winter in college!
we were practically FREEZING in college.
i even saw those sleevelessandshortswearingpeoplenomatterhowcolditis wear sweaters!
proves that it's winter in college!

and THANK GOD for Blackout Bistro for providing HOT NESCAFE to me when i need it!
thanks to them i don't need to go all the way downstairs to warm up
and the fact that their coffee is getting better already from last time where they tried killing me with diabetes (tho now still alil sweet!)

i wanna carol again this year
remembering the times last year when we shiver at the lobby area in college while i move my ass to jingle bells and hark! the harold~

jusco's xmas tree

of course i stayed far from the microphone incase my voice shifts HICT's location from 5th floor klang parade to B2 Klang parade.

peek-a-boo from the window in the "SUICIDE ROOM of HICT"

i should be sleeping now, shouldnt i?


the only non-camping time where i slept so "early"
oh well..

*plays dancing Quees by ABBA*

you are the dancing queen [i know]
young and sweet [that's pretty obvious no?]
only seventeeeeeen~~ [ i'm EIGHTEEN lar~~~~!!!!]

i LOVE TWILIGHT! wanna read the book SO MUCH now!
*hint hint*
idea for my birthday/xmas/new year/exams/friendship day/stephanie's day/HICT's day 's present!

lookin' familar?
a bloody hell! souvenier from you-know-where


good nighto~!


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