November 05, 2008


i've havent update for so long de....!!

havent been touching the PC long enough to update..

and even if i did these days didnt have the "mood" to write lar...


let's see..

deepavali day (27th Ocetober 2008)


i started off that day to sasi's open house..

around 1130 loo, , johnny, bryan, jassy and koh came to my house to pick me up

(my house was the meeting point lar so 3 cars came to pick me up XD and yes i was the only

female there)

then we went all the way to bandar puteri(i think0) and sasi came and guided us to his house..

(2nd time go nia ma..)

then sat, and eat and OMG the mutton curry was superb!

i ate thosai *yum yum* with all the curry there with coleslaw and then lepak lepak lepak

was really hot that day.. was sweating ne from the start so sasi! remember to install aircon for

our next years visit!

next stop, anusha's place!!

funnily it was awkward at the start.. for some reasons everyone like paiseh paiseh ne..

so quiet that me n lohis was like

*look at each other, crinkle eyebrows, shrug shrug*

and we basicly watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (i know!) on disney.

NOBODY changed the channel at all!

we were suffering in silence and i started to hum the songs! *gasp*

ok.. enough of that

those present that day was prakash, sugaan, manesh, arvin, jasvinder, ian, win shean and a

whole bunch of guys from form 6 leaving me and lohis the only girls there..

but funnily after those f6 guys left the hall for lunch

(kakak anusha let us starve till it was 3PM!!)

our bunch started making noise.


we changed the channel *yay!*

started muching away on the cookies

and turned anusha into our maid!


sorry anusha to bully you but it was just too fun!!!!

then finally we get to eat we went nuts!

well, we still bullied anusha by treating her as our maid,

arvin started to take those knives and holding it with sweeny todd's expression

prakash became anusha's phone operator

then he and sugaan kept turning on her PC when she shut it down

and all of us were laughing non-stop

then they left after so many jokes

(i still dunno what's getting bigger! O_o?? ergh! annoying prakash)

then after ALL of them left, me and anusha went into her dark room upstairs to....

NO not whatever you're thinking of obviously..

we went and have those chats we haven't had for a LONG time.

i think the last was my birthday this year?

and of course camwhoring.. as ususal..

love those moments!

sleepover is coming up after STPM gal!

and we were too comfy to leave the bed to go to lo's house.

we were looking for excuses already but we dowana get killed by rider maut you see so we had

to go to her open house.. hehe.. *no offense lo*

and we went around 830? and whoa her mum's THOSAI and KURMA CURRY rawks mah


i ate one puttumayam, and two thosais!

wonderful lar!!

man.. i think i've gained like few kgs for eating that much that day..

nisha was there and we camwhored alil and still waiting for the pics from nisha!!!

and left around 1030pm with lo's organic notes in anusha's pocket

the usual camwhore, me and anusha

again me and anusha.. nice photo! but i'm sliced again

anusha, arvin and prakash with a piece of plaster on his cheek cuz he "shaved"
uh huh..

Halloweeeen~! 31st October 2008


this day
i had class at like 11 - 12 pm and then we were off to aeon Bukit Tinggi!

me, jas, xhie hweai and koh planned to watch bangkok dangerous on that day cuz we have this

12pm - 5 or 6pm gap between classes and the bloody hell show in college.

unfortunately bangkok d's show time was too late (or something) so we decided to go watch

tropic thunder instead. *YAY!*

so we ate at Kenny rogers and OMGwtf it's SOO bloody expensive!

the set was a 1/4 chicken and 3 side dishes with a muffin and it was 16 bucks?

lucky we were full after eating cuz the chicken like very small eh..

but the best was the macaroni and CHEEEEESE!!!!


rawks mah sawks!!

that we ordered another bowl of it and our bill came to 19 bucks per person!


and then the movie..


well, it's not a real movie movie but it's more of a laughing kinda low expectation movie.

almost the same feeling you'll get after watching scary movie 1, 2, 3, 4.... etc

but it WAS funny.

it was a movie in a movie and ROBERT DOWNEY JR RAWKS MAH SAWKS!

and nothing much too say..

they censored out the part where ben stiller throws the small CUTE vietnamese boy into the



and the most shocking part was, i forgot that tom cruise had a cameo in it and at the end of the

show i realize that the producer of the tropic thunder movie in tropic thunder

(tropic thunder is a movie in a movie in a movie!)

as in

THIS ===>>>

the producer is actually

cruise ie the handsome one ppl drool over


Tom Cruise

in THISS!!

Tom Cruise's Tropic Thunder Cameo Revealed

unfortunately i cant find the full body photo but basicly he's this.

FAT. HAIRY. and he shakes his a** to "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur"


and he bleeps. ALOT

probably he's scripts only has those f***s, a**, s**, b**** and so ons..


the surprise i got!

i think stiller already predicted how cruise will look like after probably 10-15 years?

and who's downey??

Robert Downey Jr. plays a black man in Tropic Thunder

the left is the "black" downey and the right is the ori downey

and this is the blonde, aussie lazarus (on the left. on the right is jack black)

he's a dude playing a dude who's disguising as a dude!


love the way he says it.

he's a blonde, blue-eyed, surgically blackened white guy.

with really funny accents!

and there's matthew mcCoughney too!!

he plays stiller's crazy agent and friend.


funny cameos, funny selected scenes and the trailer quite says it all..

not bad if you go without expectations.

good for laughs.


so tha's about all and next will be photos!!

mah masterpiece.


random placing of those paper rings and my old bracelet and tadah!


nice shoot from me or my sis on the backalley of some shop at sri petaling

beautiful sun set hue

love this hue of sunset!

alley between shops

backalley at different angle


another sunset hue photo


oh oh! this rawks mah sawks!!

purple hue!!

it was raining at that time i ate at the sri petaling hawker shop


hakka rice at sri petaling

hakka rice!

it's rice with kacang, taukua (bean curd), long beans, some unidentified greens, all mixed up and

to be mixed with....

hakka rice's soup

this horrible soup!!

gosh, i think it's parsley



hakka rice   the soup

there ya go. what it looks like when my dad adds ALL the soup.


mee jawa! so yellow

and this is mee jawa that my sis ate..

not bad lar but look at the colour!!!



a very very long post..

continue with other photos next time lar.......



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