December 30, 2008

oh really??

it's the 30th already?
meaning that 2009 is so bloody near!!!!!

alritey, lets review 2008!

1. I've learn how to cross-stitch! been itching to try that out for ages!

walah! look at mah craft! hahaha..

2. i've put on a full hand henna! though it was just ok ok lar but finally did a proper one instead of me conteng-ing my hand randomly

3. ate the most fast food / secret recipe / whatever "expensive" restaurants at a time in my life!
secret recipe, nandos, a&w, McD (i'm gonna throw up!), pizza, korean bbq, sushis, kim gary, dragon i, KFC, dim sum in KEC, and i dunno if i missed out anymore..

4. i went skating on my birthday! it was my first time and man did i fall so many darn times..!
it's pretty true that the older we get, the more fearful we become that it's difficult for us to learn. i mean look at those kids learning to skate so darn quick while i was still hanging on to peoples and walls "learning" / fearing for my bum. though it was a good experience. wet, painful, funny, good experience.

5. Got a better phone from my dad.. my dad dowana use this phone cuz was complicated for him so i get to use it and guess whaaat?? it has a better camera!! which means... PHOTOS!!!!! woots!

which also meant camwhoring~!

this cannot be avoided! and camwhoring is good too you know! it makes you love yourself more and that you can understand yourself better! find your best angle and poses!

6. July 7th 2008 marks one year of my Diploma in Chemical Engineering done! leaving me another year and half plus minus to my scroll!! *claps*
(i graduate in december 2009 ^^)

7. i went to tons of moovieeesss!
nice ones are....
yes man!, tropic thunder, madagascar 2, the Dark Knight(me love JOKER. die batman! die!), what happens in vegas, Wall.E!!!, iron man, twilight, bla3......

8. had one of the best birthday ever.. (29th MAY. remember this!)
got to hang with my BF (guess which. best or boy *sniggers*), friends, and family and cousie and uncle IN pasar malam eating my fav chou tau fu!!!!!! tried korean bbq, watch a movie, ate more, went ice skating, lie in bed taunting people through phone, get prezzies, get exhausted, got crazy and got busy! ;) and not to mention LATE.

9. got a new PC!! thats when the blogging got real active! and online non-stop. got streamyx the eve of me birthday. so happy to finally leave the 56kbps line internet!! woohoo!!!!
so it's kinda my birthday present too huh? Hehehehehhe....

10. Became the babysitter of my darling nephew Brayden! who is 11 months this month! he is cho cute!!!!! it's so good to him grow.. he dont even know a word when he got here.. now he could say mam mam.. and knows how to say buhbye.. and kisses people, and dances, shakes his bum bum, hugs, cheeky lil boy!!! Muah! love this cutie!

yesh. that's an accomplishment for me! i cooked something else besides maggi mee!!! on my own! without any burning! and it tastes yum! woohoo~!

12. spend lotsa time with my FnF a.k.a. sriends and Familia!
last 2 days went to KLCC with my family.. was wonderful. fun that even my sis scanned her RM2.00 premium toilet ticket and lollipop purchase receipt and blogged about it. XD

yesh.. you can choose to pay RM2.00 for the premium toilet which gives you more privacy to fdo whatever shit you wanna do (literally. ha!) and gives you wet tissues and napkins to use. you could drop tips if you want. ha!

13. sat crazy exams and thankfully passed it.. ha!
die! mass transfer and thermodynamics and fluid mechanics! die!

ookies ookies.. i've revealed too much probably about my life.. lolz
well, hopefully 2009 gives me more ang paus and lucky draw winnings
(lucky draws happens so near yet so far!! right beside me!)
and my studies goes on really well and i get my driving license!! (yes i still dont have it yet T_T)

m gonna try cook something bigger and go crazier!

Bon Voyage 2008!

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