February 22, 2009

sum it all up!

Yesterday night i got to know that booze and creativity gets along really well


cuz after having a few cups of white wine, ideas and images seem to flow in with every mention of words.

or was it because i was with andrew?

ok i'm crapping..

but then i discovered something,
my limit for alcohol is only a few small glasses of wine.
before i start to go woozy and start laughing my head off for every single thing mentioned.
and boy i felt afraid of myself.

so yeap, this goody two shoes touched alcohol already.
and she didnt get drunk.
she even helped andrew.


she finished the bottle of white wine so drew could open the red one!





i've enrolled for next semester and guess wadd??
i only got like 3 subjects for this long semester!
and only 2 subjects have exam!

yeash yeash
it means the end of my chapter in HICT Diploma in Chemical Engineering is coming!
i'm in my last two semester next april and then another one and boom!
i'm a graduate!!!!


which means i've gotta decide whether to go for degree or work.
and degree : where?
: what degree?


work : where?
: what?

can't imagine this.
that i'm actually a GROWN UP already with responsibilities awaiting!


and those events that i've organized can't really help me in my job,
since i'm neither in business or event management.
but then again,
at least i have the memories..

ain't it cool that when you think back, you remembered that you've organized this huge event or should i say EVENTSSS in college like the Annual Ball and stuffs?
how proud will you feel that you ARE able to accomplish these jobs handed over to you.



and i HATE you for playing games with me!!

hate hate hate hate hate YOU!!!!!

*don't ask*


my dad got me a new phone!!
actually he got it for himself.

for fun.

and then he gave it to me.
and m like wad??!!!

and it's 3G!!
which means it has 2 CAMERAS!!!
you know what this means???




i've had this weird encounter on friday.

this guy came up to me and he went like

guy : wassup?

me : *looks up* ceiling lor. hehe

guy : you're dressed up nicely today?

me : *looks at my clothes* i did? o_O?

guy : yeah. you used to look better with your old style. Nowadays you're very dressed up.

me : *looks at friend, puzzled. friend shrugged* i have a style? huh?? i got dress up mea? ????

guy : yeah.. you're dressing up different from before. Are you looking?

me : i've been wearing this for years larh dude! and looking for what exactly?????!!?

guy : *comes closer, covers mouth and whispers* or are you that DESPERATE?????

me: wth?????? for WHAT!!!?? what the hell are you talking about??? wa.. i.. you.. sdjahgf si?!! wth? what's wrong with you?????

friend : maybe lsat time all you wear is jackets and sweaters cuz it's cold and now since the season changed (yes, my college have seasons : winter, summer, autumn) and you're wearing CNY clothes so the comment.

me : yeah maybe. i'm wearing new clothes! CNy just over! but i'm wearing what i wore for years! what kinda comment is that?!!! you horrible person! how could you! not gonna talk to you de.

guy : sure. i don't mind.

me : wtf???? *weeeeiiiirrrdd!!!!*

then the guy left...
and i was like wtf????
and what was i wearing?
this ==>

it's real simple and is what i've been wearing for years!!!
it just disturbs me..
like WEIRD!!!!

but guy, if ever did you read this. (which i dont think so)
don't take it too hard.
this girl just gotta express herself.
and iyad i agree with you. i retract my words i said that day.


photos time!
see what i got from Econsave Pandamaran..


a trolley saying jangan curi can food!

super bees?

and what it does


i saw this lady sitting here still for very long, with glasses on.
i suspect CURI TULANG!
she then noticed me and left.


aint't this drawing cool?
yeah i drew it!


ookies.. gotta go sleeeeeep!

nightie nights bloggie~~

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TOLANIC said...

Really can kuat kan the organ meh? If kuat already? Then how?


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