March 21, 2009

anime freak!!!!!!!

oh noes..

i'm turning into an anime freak!!

do i hear otaku???!!!


so what have i've been doing the whole day today??


yachiru and ikkaku

yachiru and kon!

cirucci thunderwitch!
and nel sesated there cuz she was already there when i drew cirucci so i just blend it in!

cirucci again! ok.. tak jadi larh cirucci.. *sobs*
i suck at drawing facial expressions

nel chan! this was drawn without refering to anything! haha.

and another nel-chan refering to the picture i had.

so below are the real pictures of the characters..

isn't she HOT!!!!

not the lesbo-ly kind k..
her style just rawks mah sawks!!

unfortunately she's just this keh leh feh (not an important character) as the privaron espada fighting ishida uryuu in Las Noches

oh! i didnt mention the name of this anime did i?

it's BLEACH!!
i'm now on episode 168 already.. so i've got 40 plus more to go till the latest one!

ok.. i'm so darnfully obsessed with this but unortunately i still cant go japanese except a few words like baka! and joto matte! and stuffs.


and my dad's been making noise over me watching anime non stop since the holidays!

but anyway...
i just started watching a new anime today!
taking break from my bleach episodes.

the name is Special A

it's about this bunch of seven kids who are the top seven scorers in their grade which puts them in a special class call special A.
they're mostly sons and daughters of rich, well-known people where in their school they have their own greenhouse to hang out, kitchen and etc. how cool is that.. lifestyle of the rich and famous!!

and the one character i'm SO in love with is Takishima Kei!!

he just gives me the skip in the heart feeling!
i know i know..
in an anime character?????

but his personality is THE personality that i'm so darn attracted to!
(excluding all his kung fu hoo-hah that he's capable of)
he's cool, has that evil aura, calm, whacks butts really good. not to mention rich and good looking!

he melts my heart..

one part of an episode showing takashi and hikari, his rival whom he fell in love with.
i love how he worries hikari eventhough he tries to keep his cool.
he's so cute!!!
love his eyes!!!!!

ahh... takashima


*slap slap*

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he's so charming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment on my drawing!

and i just saw a cute picture!



Samantha Janey said...

Hey... That's an awesome drawings^^
I love second the most, Yachiru with Kon XD
Is Special A a good anime?
I'm looking for a new anime as well =D

stephy said...

Special A is quite a simple anime but it's funny and i like it especially the main character. just it's sad that it's so short. though the manga is longer.

you should try it. just 24 episodes.


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