March 09, 2009

Exam Exam Exam!

so it is here.

the finals are here.

and i'm here too!


couldnt concentrate on my studies earlier so my itchy hands decided to come online and waste time!

how wonderful huh?


lemme just post pictures larh..

these are from drew's camera. shots from friday.. so niceee..!

posing sad and emo..

tak boleh tahan de *laugh*

i LURVE this picture!

but not CHIHUAHUA!!

* ke xin, e-foong and mua!*

me and shireen posing with the oscar!

look how tall it is!

BIG hug!

and the oscar goes to....

me! sleep... zzzZZz

me armed with shireen's glam'd pins!

our ticket booth sign board! glitter!

my horrible attempt to take a picture of our booth. XD

fairy lights. that's what drew calls them


me and sis camwhoring in car!

i love this!

me, jas and priya, camwhoring early in the morning!

full bloom!

cherry blossom from CNY!

i want this.

masjid biru india at tengku kelana


ghostly me!

Hollywood Glam's Notice Board!!

ookies.. i would like to thank andrew for those photos, my phone camera for taking my photos, thank kexin, e-foong and shireen for posing with my, and my sister as well for.. *oops!* got too carried away with the credits!



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