March 10, 2009

tickle your tulang koksiks!

just posting up some funny adverts that i lurve...

let's start with my favourite!!!

okay, this is not an advert, but an exerpt from money no enough 2 the movie.
i LOVE this part so much!!
you should all watch it!!!!
it's so darn touching and funny at the same time!
Jack Neo rox!!

你吃饱了没 ?le chiak pa be? (have you eaten?)

next is petronas' deepavali ad!
muthusamy chinadorai!!!!!

you should always wear your seat belt kids!
this is why..

this is the malaysian idol adverts!

me lurve!! susu vs roti!

and.. the night guard! YMCA!

"who dare scold me? i tai kor mah!"
the ad we always see before our movies.. XD

this is a meaningful advert. my aunts + uncles + parents got so into this they kept repeating this the whole CNY..

and this is cute tan hong ming.
liking someone without looking at colour.
if only everybody view the world thru that colourless perception.
wouldn't it be a better place then?

this is funny! got me addicted to it.. maauu??

and another last touching one..
i love you mum and dad!!

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