March 18, 2009

we rocked mid valleeeey!!!

warning : this is gonna be a looooooong post

well yesterday, me arvin and harveen (among mah besties) went to mid valley, kinda like to celebrate harveen's birthday / welcome home from india / hanging out kinda trip. and so...

arvin's dad picked me up around 930 a.m. (yeash, early, i know) and then we left for breakfast in mamak and then to the ktm station.. after buying tickets, we crossed over the tracks just to remember i had to go pee pee.. but then lazy me just tahan je larh till central ;P

we talked and talked (loudly, especially me that arvin had to shush me tons of time ;P)
and then this bunch of malay boys sitting beside us kept LOOKING at us!! i'm like WHATEVA!
then we were talking about us swearing (it seems like i swear alot these days..) and harveen goes like she and her friends always scolds their lecturers in malay since they dont understand, like babi, bodoh etc and the malay boys went like shaking their head, making clicks with their tongues.. sheesh!

and then we met chai chai! as in our form 2 maths teacher Pn. Tan Kim Chai!!! it's been long since we've actually met her!! and these two didnt recognize her also.. we chatted alil and she left at the subang station. the we reminisced about our school times and everything.
GENTING TRIP form 2!! best trip evah!

and so we were in mid valley.
first things first, TOILET!!!

then we went for the cinema to get tickets. we were in a dilemma to choose a movie since there weren't any nice ones.. we even stood there, consulted the sypnosis book and asked the guy's opinion which he is nice enough to suggest. we wanted race to with mountain initially but the 2pm seat were full! so he suggested that that was the best and other movies sucks so we took the 430pm slot.

then we thought, how to kill 5 hours of free time?

ok, i sucked at it and i have no interest whatsoever to play bowling but wth..
my arm aches now cuz of that. i think so

the scores!

so i totally sucked at this. BIG TIME! i only got like 29 *wth!!*
harveen and arvin got 96 and 76 and they said they were under-performing than their usual.
my ball kept going senget ne sound so wrong
maybe it's cuz of my hand. cuz in almost every sport i play, i hit senget wan.. hmm..

and then harveen started shouting to arvin :
"arvin! dont use my ball!! use your own balls larh!!"

see this and laugh your balls out!

they had the lights on fortunately / unfortunately or we would've gotten club-like photos..

the gents and the ladies - neon-ed!


arvin gaya~!!!



we went makan
EVERYTIME we go Mid Valley ah.. we eat pizza...
so i said..

so we went walking..
long john's silver? NO
KFC? i'd rather kenny rogers but NO
and we walked and walked til... DOMINOS!!

and we ate dominos.


i know.

no pizza.


so the double decker cheese thingy with pepperoni ROCKS!
but unfortunately.. the friggin' side orders sucks to the max!!

the chicstix sucks

quotes harveen : "taste like indian balls"
steph : "you tasted indian balls?"
harveen : "yeah, indian balls, chinese balls, masala, fish balls"

steph and arvin : ROFL



the wings?
they're not even wings! its drumsticks!!
and hot and spicy?
taste like they mixed raw dried chillies with tobasco sauce!


and then we camwhored..

after paying our bill.. right at the cashier..

our foooooood~

double trouble!!
pair poses

Arvin Raam!

me me me me me me me me me!

Harveen Kaur Ji!

me and my old old old friend...
not that she's old.. tho she IS 20 XD
just that we've known each other long old.


well, then we planned to go eat baskin robbin's but ended up eating Gelato Fruity!!

RUM and RAISINS rawks mah sawks!!!!

harveen and her kids at the back there
she got really attracted and adored them so much..

gelato's chairs

nyam.. ice creams..

that 2 monkey's kickin' or kickers (peanut butter flavour) and oreos!

my mint with choc chips and mah rawkin' Rum and Raisins!


slurp slurps~

i'm eating too slow!
gobble down the whole thing!!


and after that we went for movies, met up with anusha and hasvin after movies, chatted alil..
sorry larh hasvin for those awkward pauses ;P
and then left for home around 7 plus 8pm, by car! all thanks to prakash..

and he parked at the gardens so i got a few photos there too!

unfortunately for my 2MP i mean VGA camera phone, these qu

took it from the car. clearest image i can get.
yes he drives fast. not so fast fast lar..

i like this advert!

who do you wanna unbuttoned?

the boy who made my morning latte

inside gardens

love the fairy lights!!

if only my camera can do better!
these are really preeeetty view!!
i was AWED.


the toilet bowl in mid valley is SSSOOOO darn UNCOMFORTABLE!!
is really anyone's butt that shallow??!!
pain in the ass!! (literally!)

last photo.

he says it look like hats.

but it's really...

La Senza!!!!

and the he is ARVIN!!


arvin's favourite brand!!


alrite then


see all photos here and here

sudd came out not responding! i'll kill myself!! scare me ne x_x

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