April 06, 2009

First Day! OVER

i acually got alil bit excited today back in college.
after 3 weeks without class i am BACK to classes now!!

so this sem 3 subjects,
each day my classes are only for 2 hours!
which means i travel all the way there just to sit for 2 hours and then go all the way home.

annoying timetable.

Friday's worse!
ONE HOUR Moral Class!!


and there were many changes in college,
first, the snooker table and charrom board were scattered EVERYWHERE at the lobby area,

secondly, i thought the computer lab office was closed the whole day today cuz no one's there but they actually MOVED to the IT dept's office!

thirdly, i peeked into SSD and it was stripped off empty! it seems they were moved again to the marketing department office!

and another thing is, now to pay our fees, we have to get our invoice now! we used to ust go to bursary, give our ID and money and tadah finish.

now we gotta wait for them to find and settle our invoice (the registry) and THEN pay.
*grumble grumble*

but anyway, anyhow..

i'm happy to be with so many crazy people again!
and am happy to study with Mr. Jamal again!

Lab A gonna rock!

Gambateh stephy!

i wanna watch Fast and Furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Hi dear!
Thanks for promoting my blog! Thanks so much!

BTW dear, I think something wrong with your blog URL there dear.
It wrote : http://stefanizlyf.blogpsot.com/
instead of http://stefanizlyf.blogspot.com/
(i mean in your Youth media profile)



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