April 28, 2009


so last two nights i stayed up till like 6.00am thanks to my caffeine intake.
then i woke up the next morning around 3pm blurly washing up and eating my "brunch" and out of nowhere my dear sis says she's craving for pisang goreng (pregnant ka? LOL)

and of course i refused to go cause it was scorching hot and I being laziness' greatest follower refused despite her puppy eyed pleas.

then she used Plan B : "daddy's asking you to go buy newspaper!"
she brought the King in context.

still i refused and said that she's old enough to go walk to the shops!
then she said it's scary to walk alone and the bicycle's tire was blown up.
like I care
(I know I'm evil!)

then she said : "jie (as in sis in chinese), go take the bike la(as in MOTORbike)"
and i went : "you go ask Daddy larh. he wouldn't let wan"

and after several arguments and pushings

she asked my dad and wha-hey!
the King said Yes!


i went and change and took the keys and off we go!

*trying to get the bike off it's stand*
"daddy, this stupid bike dowana get off the stand!"
*sat on it and push*

after several pushes...

finally it came down.
*wipes sweat*

next is the engine.

*step 1*

me :"nurse, what's the BP?"
nurse : "no response doc"

*step 2*

me : "now?"
nurse : "there was abit but not enough doc"
King : "bo chiak peng ah? (as in never eat rice ah in hokkien)"

*grips on the starter and gave a mad kick*

nurse : "woohoo! finally doc a BP!"
me : *beams*

and so i brought it out and off we go!
passing by these malay guys, they stared at me with awe..

"weh, amoi naik motor ah"
*nudges friends' ribs*

ehem ehem

on the way to the main road filled with perasan-ness, i suddenly remembered something.
I never made a formal U-turn before with the bike

so what I did?
I test runned.
i went to an empty street and tried U-turning.

look-at-me-stunting! XD


so off i went.

okay, thank God to the wide road, i managed to U-turn without any mishaps.
*exhales with relief*

so i went round and round and round
man! crossing the road with the bike is scary!
it's not like your bicycle where it's light and all.
and cause I'm too USED to bicycle,


I had the tendency to treat the bike as a bike-cycle!
I kept putting my leg down when I was slowing down,
I kept forgetting that I had side mirrors,
and I kept going wobbly when turning cuz I kept forgetting how heavy it is!


at least we didn't FALL.

and so when we pass by another group of malay guys, they went
"fuyoh! amoi minah rempit eh! haloo!! phewitt!"

me : "bodoh."


so we wandered around for about 30minutes to buy RM2 of Pisang Goreng and newspaper.

I didn't dare cross the traffic light too cause it's so SCARY!!
I don't mind if i was in a car, driving
but Bike, SCARY!

belum try la.
dowana risk my sister.



pictures thanks to google

well, cant wait for the next ride!
and license

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