April 13, 2009

Kenny Rogers! mam mam mam, vroom vroom fast and furious!!

so last two days : saturday i went and watch FAST AND FURIOUS!!!!

watched the 11.00 am show with koh and jassy and surprise last minute add on loo!
so koh came to pick me up after jassy and we left to Aeon Bukit Tinggi and met Loo there posing beside his car XD

so off we went to the cinema to buy tickets! then we walked all the way back to Lavender bakery cuz jassy wanna buy breakfast
(we parked at the lavender bakery end of the mall see)
and then walked ALL the way back to the cinema again in 10 minutes!
and on the way gues who i saw?? Hasvin! for some reason i forgot that it was a saturday and anu is back so i stared at him with total curiousty. XD
and he stared at me too, thinking WHO the HELL is this crazy girl with ugly fringe staring at me?!!

heh heh

anyway, the movie ain't bad.
the day before i watched it, E-foong came to me on facebook telling me that the movie sucks!
and i'm like wth!!!!

but but but but but
it was ALRITE larh..
worst of all is Michelle Rodriguez died in the first quarter or so in the movie!!
like wth!!

but but but but but but
Vin Diesel DAMN hot
that's one thing

and the car driving/racing was okay lah. not as much action as the first which is the only one i watched and my favourite was the starting when the hijacked the oil tanker! damn cool. Letty was to one be admired!
and when Dominic Toretto drove right pass under the overturning-rolling-on-fire tanker which was rolling towards the end of the slope of like 45 degrees angle
(i wonder how does that oil tanker driver drives down that slope! crazy!)

then after the movie we went for our lunch and guess who i saw?? ANUSHA and hasvin. at first i didnt realize at all but then jas noticed and so i went and call them! we lesbo-chatted for a while. she tried making me to dump the guys and join her for lunch. As if m gonna go be the lamp post there so i totaly said no. So we went down and were in the middle of two chickens. LITERALY.

heh heh

really, we were cracking our heads wheter to eat KFC or Kenny Rogers!
i didnt wanna eat at kenny rogers cuz i'm gonna eat it that night itself! but then they insist!
but in the end we ended up in KFC!

and anusha came out of nowhere when i was picking on my cheezey wedges (yum yum!) and chomped on my Zinger Burger!


after makan then we went shopping!
yeap, me and 3 other guys!
and the one that was shopping wasnt me!

okay, skip till that night,
so we FINALY went to kenny rogers (my family la)
you see, my mum had been craving for kenny's since FOREVER and my dad kept saying okay and in the end will come out with an excuse not to

but then we finally reached there!

and let the photos tell!

Random photos taken while in the moving car

The muffins!
3 Chocolates and 1 Banana

sis's plate!

my HOT ChoCoLICIOUS milk

dad's Americano and his plate!

dad's mam mam!

mashed potato

mummy's Mango Juice

sis's Cafe Latte and my pretty pretty hot chocolicious milk

my hot chocolicious milk AFTER stir


even the extra black pepper sauce we ordered finished XD

finger lickin' good!

camwhore time!

me and daddy!

me and reluctant-to-pose mummy!

sis doing her table manners thingy XD

then after makan we went jalan jalan and ended up in Brands Outlet!

some random tall thingy in the concourse

i bought ...

*sneak peek*

a bag!!

you see, i'm not really those typical girls who shop for bags and all
but but but but but but but
This bag is MARVELOUS!!


cuz it's so COMFY!!

the bag is the pillowy type of bag that i wanted if ever i am to but a bag!

though it's abit big, and RED,
but it's COMFY!
so ME!


and guess what??
see the price!!

so yay!
cheap cheap cheap!

can't get enough of my BAG!!!

and i....


i came home and took the flu pill and boom!
i kena KO de..

*the side effect of flu pill on me is trememdous dizziness, numbness, and weakness*

and that's it.


Tomorrow gonna make an IMPACT in college!


cuz i got an Impact Test Experiment in Lab A



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