April 26, 2009

weird random Indonesian wannabe chat on Friendster..

was playing some games on friendster with my sis earlier and this guy from indon came and private chat us.
so we were bored, and we tried to be indonesian and see what this whacko does..

and this was how it went

[ 4roy saputra ]: hi effernie
[ xxx ]: hi
[ xxx ]: saptra
(my sis got annoyed that he ruied her nick and so this)
[ xxx ]: udh maam??
(they actually use maam in place of eat?? weeiiirrdd..)
[ 4roy saputra ]: hi jg,q dah mam.km dah mam lum?
[ xxx ]: dh
[ xxx ]: mu dr mana??
(we're trying to be as kampung-ish and puitis with the mu and all XD)
[ 4roy saputra ]: dr jkrta,klo km dr mna?
[ 4roy saputra ]: fernir
[ xxx ]: aq dr malaysia
[ 4roy saputra ]: malaysia?km bs bhsa indo?km asli mna?
[ xxx ]: ngk bs. asli
(ngak bs = engak bisa = cannot. this is thanks to the indonesian soaps we love!)
[ xxx]: kamu?
[ 4roy saputra ]: mnta nmr handpone km boleh tdk?
[xxx ]: ta ada fon sik..
[ 4roy saputra ]: trus,bgmna q mw hbngi km?
[ xxx ]: dr sini aja

it ended there.
he didn't reply..

it's so creepy that these kinda people goes out and with just a hi they wanna get your phone number.
like wth!
when I started going into these chats last time it wasn't really that bad..
scary eh...


but we both LAUGHED like hell thinking of our replies and the indon-ish we were doing thanks to lots of Indonesia's soaps!

me love bawang putih, bawang merah and aku dan high heels!


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