May 16, 2009

Angels and Demons! read : Malaikat dan Jin

I watched it!

right after class ended at 8pm last night!

right till 1.00am!

it was nice~
I LOVE these kinda movies

Poster Angels & Demons by MyCine.

but it gave me alil headache cuz of the camera turning and moving and oh my Gawd..
*massages head*

and the seats we got..
5th from the front!


wth rite..

blame me for not asking properly..
I just saw the seat available and took the 2nd from the back, thinking it WAS the 2nd from the back..


my neck..
my head..

it's so cool!

i wanna go there so much..
maybe I should be a Symbologist huh..

The Illuminati ambigramme symbol rawks mah sawks!!

illuminati_art.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

and this

Illuminati_Ambigramm.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Will talk more next time..

My dad's nagging me off the PC already cuz of overusage!

Astalavista Babeh~!

Dad watching terminator on TV..


cleffairy said...

Go read da novel version Stephy... LMAO... it's a page turner... :-P

Huwa, your daddy watching terminator...terminator freaks me out~

Dosz said...

angels and demons huh? hm... got to c this movie lor :)

stephy said...

@cleffy : terminator kinda makes me laugh, especially the times arnold says astalavista. XD sounds hilarious..

@Dosz : yup yup.. go watch. but I assure you, the book surely rawks like madness cuz the movie itself kinda rock.. :D

Kyoru said...

Lol Malaikat and Jin. The first translation in the movie and it was already screwed up. Haha.

Shinky said...

Hope to watch this after exams :P

stephy said...

@kyoru : exactly. I avoided the subtitles throughout the WHOLE movie or I'd probably laughed my head off. XD

@Shinky : ^^ Good Lucks for exams!


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