May 20, 2009

Angels of Photos and Demons of A Jolly Shandy



A REAL proper update.

Unfortunately these few days I didn’t really have any new nice photos to share (cuz I kinda didn’t really go anywhere and all) but then I have a few photos below taken in Giant Hypermarket at the flower section and at some random place where my dad brought us to go makan..


IMG1099A IMG1100A IMG1101A IMG1148A IMG1149A

Next, alil bit of camwhore-ing session with my sis and dad!


IMG1102A IMG1104A IMG1106A IMG1109A IMG1111A IMG1112A IMG1115A IMG1116A IMG1118A

cool huh?


What happened was it was a HOT and SUNNY day so we went and dug out my mum’s old sunglasses (Ray Ban okayh.. Don’t play play) and my dad’s old one too (ALSO a Ray Ban). Trying them on, we (as in my sis and I) felt that damn! don’t we look GOOD in it…

Oh go on 

I know!

So we camwhored!

And the one my dad was wearing was actually mine, which I bought from Langkawi  when I was in Standard Six LMAO

Let’s put in Angels and Demon’s review here too!


          Dancing Banana : oh yeah uh huh..                                                       

Starting with the Angels of the movie..

ThumbsupIt’s a Puzzle-solving movie based on Roman Catholic history! like awesomeness! *I know I sound freeking geekish*

Day dreamingIt involves the killing of 4 cardinals (or 3 cardinals and one almost died) with at four different place involving four different elements from the Illuminatis teachings. So blooooody..

*does evil laugh*

ApplauseThe Illuminati Symbol ROCKS!! See it interactively here. Kyo did a great job on making it turn around. Okayh. What the heck you ask? Basically, the damn symbol reads the same word upwards or downwards! Like awesomeness!

Not worthy Ayelet Zurer is hot. Not to mention Ewan McGregor’s great acting! His face has this real passionate feeling whenever he acts! Reminds me of Moulin Rouge.. ahh….

Angels & Demons Movie

SurpriseAnd! The set was awesome! The whole churches and all. Love the stattues and the paintings. Though the fountain where the 4th cardinal was supposed to die at looks alil fake.

Scene from Angels and Demons

Then comes the Devil


Which means what sucks about this movie..


DohIt gave me a headache cause of the camera motion. I’ve mentioned that I went to the movie tired and sitting in front right? Plus it with the camera moving thingy and boom! HEADCRACK!

Time outI think the whole clue cracking thing and all went alil bit too fast. Like Bam! He got one clue and Bam! He cracked another. Not much of riddles and stuffs are inserted.

PhbbbtttThe part where Prof. Langdon went to the fountain where supposingly the 4th cardinal was to be murdered. The two policemen went to the van and was murdered and dragged into the vehicle and nobody noticed! it was in the middle of shops and Langdon was staring at the bloody van! Like wtf?!

Angels & Demons Movie

“Okay when we get killed later, make sure you close your eyes“

Hypnotized Tom Hanks doesn’t fit in as the character la I think. Like, he looked, I dunno, erm.. not right la for me. I kept thinking about Nicholas Cage ne. (National treasure.. Remember?) He’d look better in that character, no?

Well, good thing I haven’t read the book yet or I’d be complaining my ARSE off now. So next stop, Da Vinci Code, the e-book!

Overall the movie was fine.. watchable for the non-book reader


One last thing, I just tried the Windows Live Writing application and hey! not bad huh..

Easier and faster to upload photos and all. I’ll be using this for blogging lah next time. Till then..


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