May 19, 2009


I'm in college now while waiting for my class to start, I decided to come and blog!
See how obsessed I am with the Internet and blogging..
Itchy itchy hands..

ps : There's this weird guy staring at what I'm writing now.
Shoo Shoo~!

So yesterday, what happened was....
I opened this New post thingy initially to type a new post and then I stumbled upon Kyo' s blog and starting reading and reading. Mind you it was already 2.00 a.m.

*That weird guy's starting to comment on what I'm writing now =.=*

So I surfed and surfed and boom!
Mommy Monster came out at 3.00a.m.
I got scared and quickly typed something as a post *to remind me what happened and probably inspire another post bwahaha* and she screamed and shouted and hell was exploded.

ah.. anyway...
I quickly turned everything off and...

*Weird guy staring again.. SHOOO~!!!*

and... I went to bed with dirty stares and lectures throwned at me from mommy..
I laughed myself in my room thinking what the hell..
I want a bloody own laptop and a private internet connection so I can Sneakily go online in my room away from the eyes of the Fierce one!!
somebody sponsor me one.......

Oh crap!
Class starts in a minute!
Got to go peeps!
Will go home and upload stuffs that I'm supposed to.

*weird guy still here..... eeee*
*He's trying to starngle me*
wth is wrong with people these days??!!
Shoo shoo shooooooooh~!
Go class la!
Mukthar gonna repeat walao eh for 100times!
Can't wait!


cleffairy said...

=.= someone is addicted. lmao...

stephy said...

Yup yup.. This is horrible cleff. I have assignments to do and I'm online!!! X_X

Kyoru said...

Hate it when people stare at my screen. >_<

stephy said...

@ Kyoru : I know! It's like invading my privacy before I publish it. That's why I don't like blogging in public.


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