May 09, 2009

Loo-loo-loop-ing-ey fun! tr-tr-tr-try i-iit!

check this out.. it's a loop-ey thing that you can create from Marcus's blog

It's kinda like an interactive advertisement campaign for a T shirt brand named UniQlo Top, hence its acronymn, UT. Its such a brilliant idea and the interactivity is superb!! You must try it yourself. You MUST You MUST You MUST!!! Click on the small link on the ad.

At UT's homepage, you can WATCH, VOTE, and CREATE your very own UT Loop! They have a variety of sound effects to choose from and you can mix and match them until you get the hang of it and create a masterpiece! This is where YOU can be the maestro and arrange your very own compilation!"

and so this is MY very own one that I created!
check it out!



these are from the others..
(like Lost pulak.. lol)

It's so freaking fun!
You try it!

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