May 08, 2009

My Quiz screwd and saved by the Fire in College.

You've read it right.
This morning we were so nervous for our first quiz for Unit Operations and then she came.
with the papers!

we scurried around finding our spots and the paper was in our hands!


Friggin' Easy!!!!!

*uncap pen and was about to write first answer*


huh? huh? huh?
turns back to the back door..

*front door opens suddenly*



haha.. ok ok not that..


Ah Lek : "Api Api keluar cepat. Parkson ada api!"

*exchanges blur look*

OMG seriously api ah?

Ms. Syafiza : "cepat simpan barang, bagi balik your question paper" US : "but but but.. " Ms. Syafiza : "Faster!"

*Reluctantly packs bag*

So we walked out the class looking at tonnes of people strolling away at the corridor exchanging curious looks.

Then Xhie Hweai came to tell that Miss is gonna change the questions and we gotta retake it!
I was like wtf????
that was friggin' easy!!!!


then we walked and walked and they were like "there's smoke from the computer lab eh"
and screams saying that the lift is turned off and we gotta use the damn stinky-fied stairs!

So of course, loving our life we went down. seriously there were so darn many people in the lobby at the same time. This is quite the first.
I mean even if there were events it wouldn't be that full.

yeah yeah i know. pathetic college.

so we waited at the entrance downstairs...
actually we were in Parkson talking over heaps of socks and men's underwear.

I got real bored and started taking photos of these patient people

And then we got a call asking us to go BACK UP to take our quiz in the LOBBY area!

like what??

another stab wass, the lift ain't working!!!!

after several minutes hesitating considering the hedons and dolors (too much moral studies XD)
we decided to go back up.

F*&K the stairs STINK LIKE HELL!!

shitty betul.

and I felt as if I climbed ten floors when I looked up and saw that it was only the 3RD!!

*too tired to take photos at this time*

then we finally reached fifth floor and rushed to the Conference Hall's entrance and took our Quiz!

sitting side by side!


Mukthar trying to bribe Miss Syafiza??

awh crap did my leg hurt.
yesh i have not exercise for centuries already.
the furthest i walked was from my class to the restaurant opposite it.

and after all that drama, the blew the whistle and said "Gotcha!"

*screams of horror!!!!*

owhkay no they did not.
they declared that it was safe and .....

Ah Lek : "Semua Balik Kelas!!!!"



Caffery said...

I wonder, is that your school? Beside Parkson?

stephy said...

yeap! my college is actually above parkson.. lol


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