May 14, 2009

New look! oh yeah!

I went to the optician and got my eyes checked cause I was getting all those "you're power has increased" symptoms but turns out my powers are the same BUT!


my lenses are abit haywired cause of the soap that I used to wash my specs.
you see, I never knew that we weren't supposed to wash our specs with normal soap. Turns out it will effect the layer on the lenses and cause us to lose focus on things!

see why I couldn't finish my assignment on time!


okay fine, not THAT kinda focus..
anyway, that explains the double vision I get from time to time.
and I thought it was the alcohol! whoopee its not!

so anyway.. check out my new glasses!

Check out the coool case!


AFTER!!!!!! :

nice huh nice huh? ehhehehehhe

Anyway, found a video trash talking about Windows..
DAYMn funny.

check it out!



Anonymous said...

haha new glasses..
nice.. =D

stephy said...

thanks! ^^ *yays*

Zhiqin said...

yeap, definitely better than the older ones. :-) keep updating!

Clarisse Teagen said...

Ever tried contacts?? :)
I think you'll look really pretty with brown contacts.

And thanks dear for the compliment on my blog. :)

stephy said...

@Clarisse: wanted to try contacts but.. my dark circles would be obvious without speckys.. XD but maybe would try it on for my prom night. hehe..

and you're welcome. :)

@zhiqin : thanks! ^^

Anonymous said...

ohh! I didn't know we're not suppose to wash the specs with normal soap.
(I couldn't know... lol.. I NEVER wash mine, only wipe em... =.=)

Anyway, thank you for the tips. good for a four eyed like me.

stephy said...

@cleffairy : yeah.. learn from my mistakes.. or you might experience seeing double and go outta focus..

aww my head...


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