May 21, 2009

What to look for If you have to pee in the middle of a desert?

Found a few Interesting photos on and thought of sharing it!

First is Birthdays!

Gene Simmons and his Infamous long tongue, So his birthday cake would look like.....

Gene Simmons' Birthday Party: You Can Keep That Piece
Gene : Holy shit! you're licking my fucking cake you bitch!

Next is F to the E to the RGIE ... FERGALICIOUS! and Quentino (whoever that is)
Awesome eh..

Double Birthday for Fergie and Quentin Tarantino

Next we go to....

Beyonce: Ain't I Scrumptious?
Oh! my hair taste awesome!
(Wait till I fire whoever those asses who did my hair on that cake like that. I look like Ursula from little Mermaid!!)

AAaaannnddd.. Lastly...
Queen Latifah!!

Queen Latifah Gets Her Man
Aiyah, tak dapat Oscar Awards, Oscar cake pun jadi lah!

And next a few really random photos

Someone put a bloody heart-shaped platinum plate in his/her eye! Shit!

It's a bird! It's a plane! NO you idiot, it's a bloody shark!
This photo is real in accordance to

God save us! But wait! God's dead.

also a real thing

Ever worried if you're in a middle of a desert and you have to pee?
or want to drink FLUIDS (without specifying what)?
There you go!


Hope to have made you guys relax and cheer up cuz weekends is a few more days to go!



Derek said...

HAhaha u really too free di. But nice post abt uhh... everything random! AWesome cakes too... but I rather my cake be made out of icecream with cherries and whipped cream. MmMmmm... yummers.

stephy said...

hahaha.. I stumbled upon it ma decided to post i tup lo.. XD I want fergie's cake! cooll! but i want it to be cheese cake or pandan layer cake.. XD


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