May 10, 2009

You Ungrateful little *&%$*&(*!

Are you?


sometimes i do think that I am one cuz of how lazy I am at home that all I do is just go online, sleep, eat, watch TV and all without helping on the chores.

Imagine if you're living out with housemates and one all this while you were the one who's cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cook, wash etc etc..
For sure you'll be damn pissed right cause your housemate doesn't help at all and probably you'll be screwing him/her left and right and probably leave all the work alone and only do your own ones only and let that person rot in his/her crap .

My mum doesn't.

neither does most of your mums right?
(except those few complains scoldings from time to time)

without my mum,
I wouldn't be eating breakfast.
or my favourite aubergine cooked with her special chilli.
or her curry fish.
or her fried rice.

without my mum
I would be wearing stinky clothes now.
cuz I hate washing.

without my mum
I'd be living in a dust filled
goo filled
bacteria filled
dirt filled
rubbish filled

without my mum
I'd be lost in pain when I fall sick


mommy has the most tiring, worrying, exhausting job in the world
and all she wants back is a little bit of love.

The cheerleader may save the world,
Facebook may be the hottest,
Brangelina may have tonnes of kids,


You're my hero!!

Thank You for bringing me into this life.
Thank you for caring for me.
Thank you for being my mum.

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