June 05, 2009

I Kill You with Orange Pencil – The Photos~


I just finished the book Secret of a Rainbow Goddess and it is awesome!! Not to mention hot sex scenes/parts *gasp*

Overall I give it a 10/10!!!!!! AWESOME love story/scandal/square love

yes you can love three different guys for different reasons!

I love him

he’s your college sweetheart and now husband for many many years.

I love him

he’s this awesome guy who is my perfect soulmate and we have this telekinesis thingy cause we were married tribally through the Penan Tribe and we made love on the sacred stone of Gods in front of God’s statues  and he gives awesome sex

I love him

he was initially strictly business but he cares for me and gives me tons of money and awesome sex even though he’s like 60 years old! and we cheated death together.



and i finally decided to throw my SPM junks out! in order to give way to my Babies!

I know it’s been 2 years already since SPM but I felt Berat Hati wanna throw them away larh..





Just Me Camwhoring~

IMG1278A IMG1280A IMG1281A IMG1354A IMG1378A IMG1379A



IMG1274A IMG1282A IMG1283A IMG1284A

Doodling on the Newspaper~





IMG1373A IMG1374A    IMG1376A


And Loving this~!





Justin Hee said...

aiyoh dear....Tak gosok gigi ka? xD

mknace said...


stephy said...

@Justin : tak gosok gigi? what makes you say that? o_O?

Justin Hee said...

cuz in the 1st pic your teeth looks yellow =.=''
or izzit juz onli me i am seeing yellow =P

yoon see said...

So many great and funny shots!
I got a hard time to choose....

stephy said...

@justin : orh.. haha. unfortunately my teeths are yellow due to discolouration. T_T haha

@yoon see : LOL. thank you! ^^

Anonymous said...

haha kill with orange pencil?
lol ganas nya..
and wow you read alot..
i dont think i have any thick books.. except my dictionary.. haha..
wow the salad (is it a salad) looks yummy! =D

stephy said...

yup yup salad. i make myself wan in the middle of the night. ^^

And i do love reading especially if the story is about those fantasy, supernatural and looks like these day s i started liking abit of romance scandal too. XD

Go read your dictionary larh. fun also wad. XD


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