June 20, 2009

On my way to be a magician in Dragonica!

Am playing this still beta Game, Dragonica and oooh~! it’s sho cute!

look at my character!

Fullscreen capture 6202009 64253 PM.bmp

without her cap

Fullscreen capture 6202009 64758 PM.bmp

you get to murder kambing biri-biris (which are sheeps in malay) which reminds me of the movie Silence of the Lambs

Fullscreen capture 6202009 122030 AM.bmp

while whacking ‘em 

Fullscreen capture 6202009 121947 AM.bmp

and it goes naked after it’s dead!

Fullscreen capture 6202009 121610 AM.bmp

and spideys and wolfs and wooden creatures~

and you have a friendly cute tutor stalking following you around!

Fullscreen capture 6202009 120655 AM.bmp 

And a few other hunky characters

he’s a black smith and notice the scoll on the top! XD

      Fullscreen capture 6202009 121232 AM.bmp


and of course we have the damsel in distress too! boohoo!

     Fullscreen capture 6202009 120646 AM.bmp

Well, i’m not really an avid gamer so i’m pretty much a noob here

where i practically died and respawned like 4 times already sheesh

But this games is nice to see and so far nice to play. probably cause I sucked got sick of Maple and their 2D world I jumped to this one! and the fact that I got the installation CD for free soooo..


*runs back to go FINISH REPORT play Dragonica!*



Fullscreen capture 6202009 121418 AM.bmp




Kelvin said...

can this game be played in window mode?

stephy said...

window mode? O_o? how is window mode? haha. I'm such a noob.

renaye said...

kawaii!! never been able to play any online games for more tan 2 weeks. i gave them up. i got no patience.

nice layout.

stephy said...

haha! same same. lol. i usually play often during the first few weeks then after that play only when I'm bored and in the mood so it takes forever to actually complete one. XD

but this is kawaii!

Anonymous said...

haha looks like maple in 3D to me.. =P

stephy said...

@ kenwooi : in a way its almost the same concept lah~ hehe


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