June 29, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is gone.

I dedicate this post to him, hoping that he’ll know how awesome his songs were and how many fans he have out here.

IMG_0002 copy

This fan especially who grew up listening to him.

I still don’t feel his death though the fact that he is already somewhere else waiting for judgment day.

It’s just so weird cause he died so suddenly.

but then again, I pray that he rest in peace.

At least he now don’t need to worry about being sued and paying up his debts.

Just unfortunate that I never attended his concert before.


You’ll never be forgotten.





I dedicate This song to all of you guys~

enjoy it!

Stephy-nie shouts out to Michael Jackson


kenwooi.com said...


renaye said...

it's a pity he didn't get to accomplish his 50 concerts.


Aliblogblog.com said...

Michael have left us with a lot of unforgetable memories :(

EVo said...

I saw this video too. he's really inspiring! but those were the days...apparently his body went through immense stress while training for his concerts...oh well. poor dude.

Chester Chin said...

did michael jackson ever made a concert tour in malaysia?

stephy said...

@kenwooi : yep. may he rest in peace

@renaye: exactly! it was like the greatest comeback by a legend EVER!so sad

@ali : true. i agree. he left us lots of memories and great songs. may the memory of him never fade away.

@eVo: yeah, he trained too hard or something while he was still sick. all his songs for the world have great lyrics that inspires alot. Listening to him singing man in the mirror that day when I knew he passed away almost made me tear. It gave me goosebumps!

@chester: i think he did once if I'm not wrong. many years ago. Or did I remember wrongly? ~_~

yoon see said...

Cool tribute! Michael Jackson, you are the best!

stephy said...

@yoon see: He is! :) and will always be.


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