August 18, 2009

Hollywood Glam over MTV world stage!

Like i mentioned earlier, last saturday was my college’s Prom Night which i was involved in organizing it and it was a blast!

Yes it was on the same day as that world stage thingy but hey! we had our own Lady GaGa and a male Taylor Swift in our event! Now how great was that?!

we even have our own fashion wall for photos!


The organizers! woots!

Well, in fact i had a great night though it was alil rushed in the preparations but we had fun! i enjoyed the car ride with syafiq, “zat”-ing him all the way icon_lol

So i started off as the receptionist with E-foong and Lucas and during the event later i somehow became the “award presenter” and “lucky draw girl”


somehow or rather i have to hold the award on stage posing with a smile and pass it to the presenter of the awards like those in the Grammy’s



Me presenting the crown and Samurai Sword to Ms Catherine for the Prom King Merwyn!

I’ll summarize everything from that event okay? Prepare for photos! Sorry for the slower connection readers though. *grins*

First, Behind the scenes:


Our beautiful unfinished stage! me hearts the cloth used!


Everybody piah-ing to finish the lanterns for the table centre piece which almost all of it got stolen by a girl after prom. Oh well, at least someone appreciates our work!


Then comes the boogeyh!

The ball room basically turned into a club where everyone jumped on stage and shake their asses off!

The coolest part was when the DJ played Low and everybody sang to it and literally went low on the chorus! It was so cool!

“Apple Bottom Jeans

Boots with the fur

The whole crowd was looking at her

She hit the flow

Next thing you know

Shorty got LOW LOw Low low low low low low




watch this short video! we had cool laser lights that night!

Then the camwhoring!

 IMG_1692 IMG_1680


All of us!

spot me!

 IMG_1648 IMG_1652   

And the drunk-on-orange-juices moments:


IMG_1672 IMG_1675  

And last but not least!

A Proposal!!!!

Sam and Christine!

IMG_1686 IMG_1687Awh! look at the loving couple!

Sam! Mei Keat’s gonna kill you!

how many wives you want lah?!


And that wraps up this post!

ps: I have The Orphan Premier Screening tickets from Nuffnang and last minute nobody could go with me!  Now i got no company AND transport!

how how how how how?


Stephy- GlamorouslyEmoing- nie


Nang ME!


Chester Chin said...

i went to mtv world stage..hahahaha it was awesome! XD

yoon see said...

Wow! Great sharing!
You looked stunning and beautiful!
I hope I can join in too!!!

stephy-nie said...

@chester: haiz. but I'm contented with the success of my event! :D

@yoon see: thanks gurl. :) i though i looked messy with the heat and all. hehe. the next time i have a prom you could join! :D


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