August 21, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination




When I read that there’s a competition to grab tickets to the Final Destination Premier Screening by Nuffnang, i was so happy! And I know I have to get hold of these tickets!

Then when I think of the fact that I have not post and entry for, the camera flashed and caught me horrified of the thought!

oh the horror! 

And when I was about to post this, I showed my Ultimate horrified face.



Cause I am so FREAKING gonna win this!

or I’ll end up Resting in Pieces.

and I hope Nuffnang is horrified of my horrified face and gimme those tickets!



Stephy-so not resting in piece-n I e



Cai Hong said...

i love ur picture!aahahaha

omg,i can never be as good as u in posing in front of camera!

seon said...

it seems that u really freak out during taking tat pic...nice one..

Chester Chin said...

Lol you look petrified in the pics

stephy-nie said...

@caihong: haha. at least my camwhoring session got use also lah XD

@seon: i was alone in a dark empty house with a camera flashing at me. so i guess it kinda got me into the mood XD anyway thanks ^^

@chester: i was supposed to be ma XD

yoon see said...

Great expression, you can be an actress Stephy-nie!

stephy-nie said...

lol yoon see. i don't think so gua. probably i'm just good at camwhoring. XD


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