August 30, 2009

I’m going to Rest in Pieces! Final Destination here I COME!


I managed to get those free tickets to watch Final Destination 4 next Tuesday in One Utama.

IMG1760A IMG1761A

So I’ll see all of you there nuffies!

remember to come say hi!

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets!

See you in One Utama!


I love this photo!

We look so cute together!


And NO he is NOT my boyfriend!

It’s just a prom night photo.





Cai Hong said...

congratz wor!!!!!!!!!!!

stephy-nie said...

haha. thank you thank you

Allan Aldrinne Leyva said...

People say the best things in life are free!!! lol
Congratulations on getting those tickets! Lovin ur life so much! Ur new fan, Allan Leyva

Woot! Love ur blog!
It's so nice to see that ure really committed to do ur blog posts on time- especially that 'rock the post' posts! I lurve it! :)

I'ma feature ur blog on my bloglist too! U should drop ur LINK in this site-> & I'll do the rest.. will email u after i'm done! :)

TOLANIC said...

What's this? So thirsty ka?

stephy-nie said...

@allan: urm,,, the rock the post thing i sfrom aQill's blog right? i think you posted the comment wrongly ady lea XD

@tol: nalah! I'm doing a mix of two vitagen flavors in my mouth XD yum yum

Alvin Lim said...

whos the guy?bf ar bf ar ?hahahhaa

stephy-nie said...

@chee-v: no lah! i already said not my bf lorh. ekekeke. my friend lai de.


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