August 26, 2009

It rained tears for my broken heart *stabs biatch*

                              *sips coffee*

I stared out at the people.  Bustling around me with coffee and bread in their hand. Rushing to wherever their going.

I smiled at myself. and smell the breeze that messed my hair. Today just feels so right. It was a blue-skied day. Beautiful. I looked at my right and there he is. Sipping his own cuppa reading the paper. Mumbling here and there about the news. which my brains couldn’t, or wouldn’t comprehend.

He looked up at me, and gave me that The Rock’s one-eyebrow-up look. I grab his paper from his hand and go “What?” and pretended to be reading the paper.


“Oy! Don’t you do…”

*poke poke*

I started to squirm around while he attacks my weak point (yesh I can never take tickles AT ALL) As I squirm I couldn’t help reliving our memories. The times when I used to get bullied into admitting how much I like him. How we stole moments together with stupid excuses from the crowd. And once he grabbed me out of nowhere and pulled me into a slow dance.

slow danced. memories


I unintentionally loosen my grip on his hands and he resumed poking me at the waist.

I screamed and ran away from the table only to catch him looking at my direction smiling the sweetest smile ever.

He stood up and shook his head. I was about to go punch him at his big belly when..

“So you did bought that dress huh.”


“huh? Wha..? what dr…”

”Yep! Finally did didn’t I?”

I turned around and my heart sank.

Stealer. She’s here. The one. The one who stole you. Stole you from me. Right under my nose. Without knowing herself. She stole him. He tore it.

I suddenly became invisible.

I suddenly blended into the surroundings.

The bustling and became the static amidst the dynamics.

They spoke. With words I couldn’t hear. Words I wouldn’t hear. Words I wish I heard.

Those eyes.

Those dark brown eyes.

Once looked into mine. With all the passion there is.

Passion that was swept away by that gust of wind that passed by.

A stranger.

A stranger I’ve never known. A stranger I that I dislike. A stranger who’s with you.

I looked away.

couldn’t bear looking anymore. I sat and stare at my now cold coffee.

Yes. that’s what it' had became. Stale. Cold. Heatless.

“I’ll see ya in class alright?”

He smiled at her and sat back at his chair. Eyed her for a moment and turned to me.

I made a twitch on my lips, hoping it was a smile. And continued staring into the infinity. Trying to run away from this. As far as I could.

We sat in silence.

It rained that day. That blue-skied day.

For it rained tears for my broken heart.

Wilted heart

Just something that came to my mind while folding clothes today.




Alvin Lim said...

erm stephy dear u watched too mamy korean drama lar.
E-M-O =.=

KimberlyMay said...

but still it's pretty good! If this is something that is really happening in your life, stay strong girl. Stay strong. :P

kenwooi said...

dont emo la.. stay happy =)

stephy-nie said...

@chee-v: nolah! no more watching ady. i only watched that ONE boys over flower drama ne lea. blame my hormones! ahahaha.

@kimberly: Don't worry, it's fiction! XD but thanks anyway~ :D

@kenwooi: ehehe. writing story only.. :D i'm very appy.


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