August 28, 2009

The toilet post. What happens in there?

You must be wondering about the title of my post right?

okays, let me tell you what triggered this.

i was in the toilet in my college and then suddenly a thought came to my mind.

oh wait wait.

Just FYI i was in the toilet doing my business and not doing anything weird or freaky like snooping into cubicles okay.

But can’t blame me for being so darn observant can you?


so i went into this cubicle.

and I saw this strand of hair.

*Brain Flash* open-mouth.jpg image by kjpowerpets

“eeuw. OMG, what if that hair is actually someone’s PUBIC hair?!!”


i have NO IDEA why did that came to my thoughts.


*changes cubicle*

*heard weird water splashing sound*

*brain Flash*

“OMG. is that a GUY in the NEXT CUBICLE?? why does that sound like somebody pee-ing standing up??”

*freaks out like there’s some maniac guy who intruded the girls’ toilet*


I also have NO IDEA where THAT come from.

*stares at toilet seat*

“what if the person who sat on this seat before me had HERPES???”

*freaks out*




*get out of the cubicle*

*smiles at friend*

*washes hand with tons of soap*

*stands at the dryer to warmify body*

<college aircon having PMS. Extreme temperature swings at different time and place>

*gossips about lecturers, friends, food, psychotic stalkers etc*

*light flickers*


*dryer went off, and on again on its own*

*stares at friend*


“But wanna ponteng class longer lah… Don’t care lah”

*friend washes face*

*caught a glimpse of stalker outside the toilet*


“Let’s just lepak here lah hor?”

*friend : nod nod nod*

15minutes later…..

“Oyh! class gonna end de weyh!”

Friend : “OMGBBQisq! really? gia loh then!”

*grabs bag and rushed to class*


that’s the toilet post.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Unfolding the mysteries of why we’re in the toilet oh-so-damn-long 

and oh! and oh!

I’m going for the Premier Screening of Final Destination!

Thanks Nuffnang!!!

I knew you’d be horrified of my post!

Tell me if you do too! See you there!

For real this time. M gonna go introduce myself to bloggers there! Not like Orphan again ~_~ No more paiseh me!

I ain’t Resting in Pieces babeh!


being oh-so-random

Stephy- goingcleanontoiletissues-nie


kenwooi said...

haha.. very random entry.. the toilet seat pic.. LOL =P

stephy-nie said...

@kenwooi: hehe. yah i know. crazy me XD

IchibanSheng said...

@_@ blur blur liao

well, i understand about the toilet 1, lol

stephy-nie said...

lol. why blur wor sheng? XD hahaha.

"I" the writer said...

Ever thought that maybe it was a girl standing up & peein' ;)

stephy-nie said...

@ I: the girl? standing up peeing? how? :O hahaha


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