September 09, 2009

090909- You’re getting married?


To those who’s gonna get married.


To my Dear Cousin Elynn,

Have a safe journey!

To my friend Sampath,

Enjoy Atlantis! Do come back here okay!


To those who are celebrating.


To those who are living the day.






Happy 090909!

enjoy it.

Watch the video below.

Weird funny choreography!

How you wanna support my charity event?

ATTEND the event.

BUY the RM8.00 ticket.

SEE me emcee and act.

SEE Sasi The Don sing.

or at least DONATE some money if you’re not coming.

food provided (for vegetarians and carnivors)

Held in HICT college, Level 5 Klang Parade,

Jalan Meru Klang

contact me for MORE details.

my MSN : step_psychomaniac(at)hotmail(dot)com

my facebook : einahpetsaiko(at)yahoo(dot)com

at facebook please leave a message saying who you are cause i ignore unknown people :D


Stephy-Supposingly Sleeping-nie



myfr3ak said...

It's not a weird choreography! It's veeery cute! Grrr, hehehe.

Happy 090909! <- I think you should wish at 9am or 8pm, why?

09:09:09 09/09/09
20:09:09 09/09/2009

it's cool right? Hehehe

TOLANIC said...

awww..what a lazy face. Hahaha

stephy-nie said...

@myfreak : lol. it's funny larh. XD you're a fan of wonder girl zit? XD i malas lah wanna wait for time all. ekekekek.

@tolanic: hehe. my ultimate lazy face! :D

kenwooi said...

why you kill the barbie??? lol

Kelvin said...

I hate tat song sis kept playing it some time ago^^

stephy-nie said...

@ken: barbie became like that after sever plastic surgery XD not i kill her wan.

@kelvin: lol. i know its addictive rite? it'll stick in your head ony XD


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