September 29, 2009

Goodbye Dear Ah Yi Kai Ma

I came back from Chill-IT camp last Sunday with great memories and a “HOLE” on my knee thinking that my holiday ended so awesomicly but then only to get a call from my uncle saying that my aunt’s condition worsened.

Later that night, she left us.

I usually don’t cry during funerals and at deaths of relatives cause when I see the deceased, i don’t feel them dead. like they’re just sleeping there and they’re going away somewhere for some time.

But that night I couldn’t hold back.

Cause I saw a mother sending her daughter off. Telling us how her daughter have not enjoyed her life enough yet.

Sons red eyed.

God daughter who shivered, crying her eyes off.

Sisters crying uncontrollably.

Nephews and nieces dropping tears.

and kakak, who has became part of our family, losing it after holding back her tears for so long.

Touching her cold face for one last time..

It was almost unbelievable that someone could turn so cold.

She passed away after some time fighting brain cancer.

She passed away as a fighter.

May she rest in peace in wherever she is.

Our prayers are all we can give her now.

Be it Namo Amitabha or whatever else. We put our hands together and pray the same prayers for her.

Honestly when they were chanting mantras for her, I felt like I was updating my prayer status with God. telling Him to take good care of her, and all.

I almost laughed out during the prayers LOL

Hopefully my prayer Twitter works and she be in a better place now.

Even kak Siti copied mantras in chinese for her!

Imagine if my aunt will get those papers like letters up there. She’d probably be laughing seeing her name on that sheet of paper. LOL

That’ll be it.

Wait for my next post.




kenwooi said...

sorry to hear that..
take care stephie..

CripsyCaiHong said...

sorry to hear bout it

you are a strong girl:)

Isley Chang said...

Sorry to hear this. may her soul rest in peace

stephy-nie said...

Thanks guys. May she rest in peace. Thanks for your wishes


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