September 03, 2009

I came back in Pieces : Final Destination 4 Review

As you guys know, Since I repeated the fact that i was going in so many posts yesterday I went to the Final Destination Premier Screening thanks to Nuffnang in One Utama at 9.00pm.

 IMG_2142  My first nuffie badge!

And again I went with Sean cause I lazy to look for people ady and since I know he’s confirm free so why not!


but this time we reached there quite early though Sean took the wrong way. We left at 5.00pm++ and actually reach there around 5.35pm. Damn fast aite? and i though we’ll HOPEFULLY get there by 7pm sumore =.=

Skip all the nonsense, Now photos time!

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi! brokebrokebroke


IMG_2132 IMG_2133

Sean’s food. err.. some Hot Iron Bowl thingy I forgot the name. LOL

And next comes my BENTO SET!

IMG_2126 IMG_2127IMG_2130 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 

After dinner we went to get our tickets and got freaked out cause it was like 7.45pm and there’s no counter!


Lucky then we saw the cinema people pulling the poster thingy one side with the tables then we  felt relieved. we actually went checking in case there was another TGV in 1U O_O

and i was the second one to redeem the tickets! but Unfortunately I didn’t win anything. sheesh!

And while I was walking around guess what I saw?! i was like WTF?!


But when i went in front then ne i saw this 1swt


And I’ve finally met a few of the bloggers there like Yenniedoll, Bern , Flyguy Nigel , Jackie , coco and Jacq. Here are the photos~


Before entering the cinema. SPOT me!


Me and Jackie camwhoring with me loooking so horrible.


Camwhore after the movie,

From left : Jess, Evelyn aka Yenniedoll, mua, Sean, Bern and Jacq!


Group photo after the movie.

Photos credits to Jackie! :D

So now you’ll be wondering right?

should you go watch this movie or not?

Honestly, I totally don’t feel that its worth watching loh.

First, most parts look so fake and pretty ridiculous like when a piece of metal from the car’s bumper i think just slashed the couple into half so cleanly.

Though, the girl beside me kept covering her eyes at every scene while I was like either laughing or wth-ing most of the time


Yesh i agree some parts were cool like the elevator part. But then it slowly became SO FAKE it was funny to look at.Final Destination: Death Trip 3D

ooh ooh! and i love the ironic-ness of the eye.

Lady : “i’ll keep my eyes on you two”


*stone smashes eyes*



She’s so annoying for a person who you’re trying to save from supposedly to die. Wanna just slap her.

And one part when the hero put out the OIL on fire with WATER. Didn’t you learn science dude?


It’s either really stupid or I’m just too knowledgeable to watch these kinda scenes. Maybe that’s why he got NAILED. and nailed as in PAKU-ed to the wall.


Secondly, the plot was quite predictable. Though, there were real funny moments like the Dejavu and God’s way of telling you that you cannot cut the queue even when it comes to dying.

The Final Destination

dang! how did he know?!

And what’s more is that they ALL died from weird coincidences. Just imagine when you step into a place and think of the worst case scenarios. And imagine ALL of it happening one shot. Too many coincidences at the same time.

like it so happens that the switch rosak, and so happens that the wayar putus, and so happens that her car roof was malfunctioning, and so happens that  the pipe right above her broke.


So engineering failure thinking lah. They showed every single possible failure that could happen in a certain parameter trying to scientificize things here. ekekeke 

So to sum things up, this is a download movie if you insist on watching. don’t waste your money at the cinemas. Or if you still wanna watch, watch the 3-D one. The effect should be uber cool! imagine 3-D nails shooting towards you


So sad Nuffnang didn’t invite us to the 3D screening. haiz.





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