September 13, 2009

I have been a Spammer and an Annoyer. I know

Yes I know since I’ve been promoting this Charity event of mine I’ve been spamming cboxes, MSNs and People with invitations and probably I’ve became a PIA (Pain in the Ass), annoyer, object-to-be-avoided, ____ (fill in the blanks whatever you might think i am. there’s lotsa space in the comment section) to lotsa people.

SO I hereby sincerely apologize for doing so and hope that you bear with me until next Friday


 This event may sound cliched and insignificant but for the organizers especially my president, it means a whole freaking lot to her and us and I believe we all are breaking our ass off to raise funds for this event.

As you guys may have guessed, the response are pretty much at a snail pace and so I thought hey! I blog wad, why not spam ask the bloggers!


I know I know it’s not NICE nor it is fun.

Imagine yourself a shy girl who can’t hold a proper conversation face to face is going out to random strangers to sell tickets.

So yeah, not that I’m saying I sacrifice alot and bla bla bla but just showing how we really want this to be a successful event!

It IS for charity! we’re not getting anything from it.

And really, I really really thank those who supported and at least tried to come.

And for those who couldn’t come, thanks anyway and sorry for spamming you guy’s cboxes


very the paiseh.

Btw, I’m gonna be in the drama and Guess who the fish is the emcee~??



OMG i think imma faint.

Pray that I don’t screw the event up.



zscary gif



kenwooi said...

hahaha.. the little boy in the edy.. LOL..

stephy-nie said...

:D i know. hahahahaha


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