September 08, 2009



Of the things I see.

The things I do.

The things I feel.

The things I desire.


I see you!

I’m shy.

Just like this girl.

But all I really wanna to do is really just to



peek a star


I dedicate this doodle to coco

May you have NEW hope, faith and love



hope love faith

Who’s hiding?

Spot me!

who's there?

chu chu~

Simplest the Cutest


the game of a-ping-a-pong

How it means to some people.

ping pong table tennis ping pong!   scratchhhh~!

Don’t you just wanna scratch their face out when they annoy you?


My mutated Butterfly.

Sometimes all we need to do is just to accept and be reborned.

mutant butterfly

Sometimes I just WISH.

wishing well


So sorry to be only putting the caption now. XD i Posted this up too early and late.



Dylan Phuah said...

nice doodles!

aileng miao said...

wow... nice one. u sketched it?

stephy-nie said...

@dylan : thanks! :D

@aileng: thanks yah! yeah i sketched it :D except the guy scratching the wall wan. thats from a manga.

Kevin Chan said...

Wow, you can draw! Go like draw a nice header for your blog la!

stephy-nie said...

@kecin: i draw can lah but then to modify in photoshop for header i phail wan eh XD

Kevin Chan said...

I can do the photoshop! HAHAH but can't do the drawing!

Carson Heng said...

ur drawings are so cute! xD

stephy-nie said...

@kevin: lol. so i should draw and give you to photoshop it! :D

@carson: tqtq. :D


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