October 06, 2009

2012 is the year I’ll join the Mega sale~!

Mr. Nuffie came up to me and asked me to pack my stuff up to save in the time capsule cause 2012 is coming this November and based on the Mayan calendar we were supposed to be like all doomed and dying running around screaming for our lives as Earth is becoming like illustrated below.

image  So Nuffie offered me a time capsule to keep safe my stuffs that I want so that even after the world collapse and everyone dies and I’m homeless I’ll still have these stuffs! like yay!

Aren’t nuffnangers awesome?

And so I sat and ponder and ponder on what to bring.

Initially I wanted to put in stuffs like the toilet and my bed and car but then to think of it it’s too big and heavy lah so i changed my mind and ended up packing a “Survival of Boredoomity Bag”!


And inside are~~~



Okay, lemme list down what’s inside that its the ULTIMATE survival bag~

FIRST in the list is MONEY!!


I know I know the world already doomed bring money for what?!

Well, think about it..

If we survive the destruction and tsunami and earthquake and etc etc etc~ these money are gonna be rare and extinct and it’ll worth a fortune if you sell it to collectors!!

Long term investment!!



Next would be my babies!


Now now not human babies okay.

Why these? well, if the world is destroyed and I’m into hiding myself from danger or living in refugees camp, I’ve gotta look for something to do right? You know to kill time~

So I’ll bring my books!!

And under entertainment also I’ll bring this!


My solar empowered battery not included radio/CD player!

why? look at the photo below and note the sticker.


What else in it is –>


Drinks~! well, we need drinks for living! I cannot live without Iced Latte! XD

Next is….



to reload our glucose level when we have no food available! smart leh~

Not forgetting Protections!


And yes no condoms included cause I don’t plan to go f*** someone during disaster time. Sooooo…. That’ll have to wait.


Sketch Book and stationaries!

For diary writing, doodling, Sketching of what i see~ time passing people, time passing! And plus we need someway to release stress and tension right? my shrink recommended this you know.

OH shoot. now you know I see a shrink! which I don’t!



Besides we could use it as signs to rescuers or in cases if we meet aliens and we want to be unseen by them.


Quite convincing huh?



Poh Chai Pills!!!

Untuk sakit perut, muntah muntah dan ketidakselesaan perut.


For pain stomach, vomit vomit and uncomfortableness stomach.


So yeah, quite useful huh?

NEXT is…


Sanitary Pads!



I’m a girl and I need protections during certain certain times mah! Its necessary!



I wanna bring my jacket too! cause I could use it when Tsunami or Snow Storm attacks where it’ll protect me from cold~


and when the sun will be gravitationally pulled nearer towards earth to bbq us homosapiens into ikan bakar, I can use it to block the sunlight!


And at night to sleep of course I wouldn’t leave my bantal takbusuk!!



Finally one last most important crucial penting chung yau punya very very important thing is~~~~












if not then how to take photos of awesomic destruction of earth where people get blasted by lightning and washed out by 9m waves and burned by the sun till charcoal coloured and the earth splits into half with cars blasting on the sunken roads and and and…


*coughs coughs*


you get the point. I’m a blogger/photographer ma! and a blogger would do what she must.

SAD got no laptop or not I bring along also T_T

but then again, i have one problem..



So that’s my super awesomicly orgasmicly amazing Ultimate

“Survival of BoreDooMity BAG!!!”


So in 25 words why would I want to keep this awesomic bag in the time capsule?

Because it is the ultimate survival kit a mad blogger needs when 2012 strikes.

So if you’re a Nuffie and you wanna join this Privileged Rescue scouting mission, Please cluck, i mean click here –>




For more details!

Can’t wait to catch 2012 Premier Screening!!

and win these!



There’s more icing on the cake as ONE (1) lucky Nuffnanger will walk home from the screening with a Sony Playstation 3!



NUFFNANG and BlastTheWorldintoPieces

Nuffnang please please gimme the tickets and prizes!!!

Pretty please with the cherry on the top!

BLAST Earth!!!!


This is awesomic!



Anonymous said...

can bring so many stuffs mou oh? lol,

andy said...

hola! my 1st time visit your blog :) like 'doraemon pocket' lah your bag...hehe

ps:i follow u..welcome to my blog :)

stephy-nie said...

@joshua: aiya can wan lah! they never say the cannot also XD

@andy: hey welcome! :D and yeah it's kinda like doraemon baggish lah. LOL LOL. or not where to keep my stuffs?!

Carson Heng said...

That bag will most likely be heavier than you <_<

Derek Yap said...

Ur iced Latte and Clorets empty di, for wat carry empty boxes n tin for? hahaha... also u carrying too many things later can't get onboard in time. kekeke

Isley Chang said...

hi there.

i expect 2012 movie is going to be a big big box office hits. far away better than "the day after tommorow".

however, i dont believe 2012 will be end of us for real, its just another jokes from the past tense people.

kenwooi said...

wah.. SO MANY things in one bag??
haha.. later ar..
once you survive.. all will try to steal what you have.. =P


stephy-nie said...

@carson: wont lah. all small small things nia ma.. XD

@derek: i no money buy new wan to take pic so use for display only first loh XD

@isley : yeap me too expect it to be a great movie :D though in the matter of i believe or not i dont really think about it. so what happens happens XD

@kenwooi: thats why i say it's the ULTIMATE survival bag XD

seon said...

the things more to camping le...hahaha...nice one


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