October 27, 2009

Got boobies? Alicewonders says molest them and check ‘em!

Why the heck am I asking you all to molest your boobies?

Well heard of Breast cancer before babes?

Lemme share some stuffs on it~

Facts 'bout Boobs

  • Younger women diagnosed with breast cancer often experience a more aggressive cancer and lower chances of survival.This fact alone is enough to make early detection and breast self exam crucial for younger women.
  • The chance of having breast cancer for a woman in her fifties is about 1 in 50
  • About 75% of breast cancers are found in women over age 50
  • The chance of having breast cancer for a woman in her nineties is about 1 in 9
  • Except for certain types of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women of all ages. Although the most confirmed and noteworthy risk factors for developing breast cancer are gender and growing older
  • Breast cancer was hardly heard of before the 1960’s when doctors began giving women hormone therapy

  • 80-85 percent of breast cancer cases happen in women with no family history of breast cancer
  • Men also get breast cancer, however, men account for less than one percent of all breast cancer cases - breast cancer statistics

so girls why not start self examining to make sure that early detection is done if at all *touch wood touch wood ptui ptui ptui* you get this especially for those with cancer in their family background.

So start spreading the awareness of breast cancer to both women and men to help save lives that may be at risk.


and thanks to alicewonders.com 

start blogging about their breast cancer awareness campaign Got Boobies

and win yourselves RM1,000 worth of prizes to be won - SIX limited collection bags and 24 pursehooks and a FREE limited edition handbag from AliceWonders.com.

Prize : ONE free bag and FOUR Pursehooks each week for a total of SIX weeks

How? : Any random blog which is spotted with our Pink Ribbon & "GOT BOOBIES" post.

Weekly Grand Prize
Week 1 (24/10): Alice Hearts Black
Week 2 (31/10): Alice Mini Hearts Grey
Week 3 (7/11): Alice Hearts White/Pink
Week 4 (14/11): Alice Mini Hearts Black
Week 5 (21/11): Alice Hearts Grey
Week 6 (28/11): Alice Mini Hearts White/Pink
*subject to availability
*winners will be announced every Saturday

Here's how to enter the contest:

Title your blog entry "GOT BOOBIES?"
> Post a new entry on your blog with the title "GOT BOOBIES?"
> Blog away and jabber about anything in regards to the campaign or breast cancer

Make sure you link AliceWonders.com
> As part of your entry, make sure you link AliceWonders.com.
> Do note that it is highly advisable to also make sure the word AliceWonders.com is spelled out, so that your entry pops out when we google for blogs with these key words: "GOT BOOBIES?", "AliceWonders.com"

Dress your blog with our Pink Ribbon!
> Insert a pink ribbon in your blog to show your support to fight breast cancer.
> You can choose between a
BIG or small ribbon. Code and instruction as above.

Email Us
> Send an email to
alice@alicewonders.com with the following details:
1. Full name
2. Blog address
3. Idenification number (for winner identification)

Besides the competition you could purchase cute stuffs from there and donate to the National Cancer Society Malaysia at the same time.

So whatcha waiting for? if you Got Boobies, Do it!

clip on the pink ribbon~

Remember, Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer.
Help Us, Help You.

Got Boobies Website :
AliceWonders.com's Email : alice@alicewonders.com
AliceWonders.com's Main Page :
AliceWonders.com's Ambassador : www.vintagesnoise.blogspot.com




AL said...

will spread the news to everyone in my list! ^^v especially girls. it's a very good reminder for everyone =D

kenwooi said...

haha.. another boobie post =P


stephy-nie said...

@Al: thanks! yeap we should always be careful oh.. :)

@kenwooi: yeap. but then not as genge as your post lerh XD


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