October 15, 2009

I Hate Thursdays

I’m really packed these days so I won’t be blogging too often. So no I’m not dead but just dying :)

So today’s post at 4.55am I’m not gonna complain nor say anything. I’m just gonna post some random photos I took these few days.

And wait for my UiTM attack PART 2 post! coming up asap!

IMG_3686 IMG_3677 IMG_3632



My heart yearns to fly free but it is chained to  doubt and uncertainty


Can you interpret this?


This look exactly like the condition of my brains now.


Happily Frustrating.


Look real close at where his pants level was.

I saw him when I was stuck in the jam today and I was like WTF!


 IMG_3805 IMG_3806   IMG_3796

Pretty canvases



This is mad. Road side and at that spot got so many cigarette butts!

I think at this traffic light got alot of smokers stopped by.


The MoooooDey Chart.



This doodle.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you see in this.

Who has the closest answer to mine will get prizes!

What Prize?

This! –> animatedmuax

Lotsa LOVE!!


Till then, Good MORNING Night!





kenwooi said...

so many drawings wan.. aha..
some are nice =)

and that guy.. wah.. so low wan.. lol..


stephy-nie said...

LOL thanks :D and yeah that guy mad wan ah. this photo bad angle. got one part ah can see damn obvious his pants was down XD mad fella la

Koh Zheng Qian said...

An angel with wing-look hair and a button on the head.. xD

Anonymous said...

But you look happy wor!

Andy said...

hahahaha...this entry made me lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx like non stop! u funny lah!!! :)

stephy-nie said...

@koh: XD yeah angel it is..

@joshua : cause it was taken on a wednesday! XD

@andy : that funny mea? O_o? hahaha. come back for more!


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