October 06, 2009

The night Kah Sim’s house was raided

Sorry for the long MIA-ness cause after the funeral and stuffs got quite caught up with classes and stuffs I didnt have sufficient time to blog without being screamed at my face by my mum.

But then again thanks for the condolences and concern. I appreciate it all :)



I shall be IOU-ing you guys with the CHILL-IT camp post as I haven’t get my hands on the photos yet


So I shall keep that aside first and proceed with this!


So what happened was I went for an engineering steamboat/ Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Kah Sim’s house last Friday and it was madness!


cause initially thy planned to do it on a saturday but everybody was like no m busy, nah tamao lah, but then for some reason they changed it to Friday and suddenly somehow everybody was all for it!

So we were like worried that we have no company so they went inviting people around without calculating and ended up we had like almost 30 people!


Above are almost all the people who attended the raid. LOL

Spot me! spot me!

Because of the number of people and the insufficient guides and cars they even had an engineering discussion over the planning on the trip though his house was like 15 minutes away XD

 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096IMG_3097

Soat his house we had…..

  IMG_3113 IMG_3114 IMG_3108 IMG_3110

Thank YOU auntie for the wonderful yummy steamboat and all the trouble to prepare it for us..

After dinner we left to the playground to burn the playground down err.. I mean to go light candles and play tanglung. yeap. heh heh.

And these are our best shots!


I see doubles!

Mooncake festival 09


Oopsy emergency brake~

That’s about it then!















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