October 19, 2009

UiTM kena attack AGAIN?

Last wednesday was the second raid happened in UiTM Shah Alam by HICT-ians where we were there again with our mercsedes Benz attacking the labs there.


And apparently as some suggested, we went there to make bombs!

Let me confirm to you guys that even if there were bombs, we’d only be DISTILLING bombs.


OK that paragraph sound so cacat.

But but but but but but but before anything I wanna wish you guys a Very Happy Deepavali!


I KNOW its like 2 days late but you know lah.. busy busy busy! kononnya

So anyway Back to UiTM this week we did distillation while the other group did the G-L absorption thingy.

Besides that we met with Ms Christina after like ages and caught up with happenings and stuffs.

Supposedly to meet with Andy from mybreakfastclub too but then I forgot to message him so tak Jadi. LOL. maybe this week andy? :D

Let’s get to the pictures now. So while in the Mercs, we were camwhoring as usual and then these three tallies at the back decided to pose with our labcoats which we finaly got our hands on when they saw Bernie covering himself with it to protect his skin from the sun!

  IMG_3592 IMG_3595


Below is our equipment of the week!

The super complicated Distillation Column!



See the diagram of it!

Imagine if we were supposed to draw that! madness!

The good thing about this experiment is that it has 10 minutes processing time every data taken so we are so darn free we were fooling around most of the time!

  IMG_3621 IMG_3628

Camwhore! with Xhie Hweai’s new hair style!


How I look with the lab coat? I lurvee the pockets! right position!

And then we’ve found a potential flasher-to-be!

IMG_3631-1 IMG_3632


These people were doing matrix effects and all with the lab coat. Syok sendiri ajer.



Then they discovered a sticky circle and what else, they started sticking!


Contrastic pose


I wanna die pose


Gila Rocker pose


My ass is exposed lab coat.


Booker-T pose

 IMG_3685 IMG_3689 IMG_3712


WARNING : the photos that are coming may be case sensitive. If you do not take shit from people cause you lost your funny bone to the cookie monster please press the little red x button on the top right corner.

Not to forget on the way there click those ads

thank you. 


And yes it may be dangerous to the environment too.


Well. the photo says it all


this one. well its a glove and its burned at between the thumb and forefinger.

And its mentioned over rubbed.

Put one and one together and go figure.




Yeah. go figure that too XD



Bernie Curi tulang 


Us comparing moles.

stephy-nie : My hand got many many moles! see see

jas : yah ah. me too me too!

jay : I got more I got more!


Mukthar getting jealous over Ai Lin and Alrin?



 IMG_3708  IMG_3712 IMG_3750

Next thing you know we were all done and all ready to go home. Muk and Jay sempat go makan  macaroni all sumore at the canteen.

We disturbed Ms Christina for a while more and then we left the huge place again back to college sweet college!


Not to forget Bernie kidnapped a pair of rubber gloves!


the guard then waved us Bye Bye… 

Can’t wait for this week’s CSTR!

till then..





kenwooi said...

you always deal with dangerous complicated cool machines.. haha.. =P


Carson Heng said...

tak baik attack orang lain =(

stephy-nie said...

@kenwooi: nolah.. not dangerous wan lah.. hehe.. very sien and slow unanimated equipments.

@carson : i tak attack orang. i attack itu Uni's lab jer.. XD


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