October 10, 2009

UiTM kena Attacked.

7th October 2009 (Wednesday) – UiTM Shah Alam was attacked by a group of ten students from HICT.



They arrived to the campus on their amazing Mercedes-Benz and intruded and raided their Chemical Engineering lab.

Mercedes Benz


not bad ah our college got a Mercs.

UNfortunately the mercs looks like this –>



So anyway, all ten of us went there to do our Lab B experiments and the way we reacted was like as if we were going on a road trip! LoL

We sang to the radio in the Mercs, took photos, point to stuffs and go like woa.. look look!

and the most wtf thing is that the Chemical Engineering department have their very own bloody huge giler building!


Beside the Electrical Engineering gila babi huge faculty building! and the civil engineering bloody besor giler building!!

and all we have is ……

Chemical engineering lecturers room.

Mechanical engineering lecturer’s room.

Engineering coordinator’s room.


Sad aite.

ANYWAY back to the point,

so we were there and we we assigned those experiments to do and groups to be in and so it all begins.

We got Gas-Liquid absorption and when we saw the equipment straight away my camera came out and chik-chak chik-chak. For reports purposes ma kononnye.



and one thing is that we had this real funky guy as our supervisor. He’s got this brown beard and eyeliners and all. Cool weh. I guess he plays in a rock band or he’s a fan but oh well, not judging him.

Anyway this is how the equipment looked like upclose~

 IMG_3431 IMG_3432

The stuffs the measure the parameters~


The Column filled with Raschig Rings~

Below I’ll show you what’s the difference when I a 161cm girl tries to take a pic of the top of the 1.4m tall column and a 6ft++ guy taking the same.


My take with zooming~


And when the tall guys takes. WITHOUT zooming.




Push the button Baby.


What happened at the bottom.


Me at work. Controlling the mad flow below. Its not supposed to go too low, nor too high. And the flow rate is crazy!

Felt like m playing car racing on PS.




Jay’s turn to do the twist. 

IMG_3482 IMG_3435

Left : Mukthar twisting the valves

Right : Group B doing Distillation, Bernie FACEBOOKING!! XD


Jay posing with the quality assurance paper. LOL


Ring that was used to punch jerkies~

Then after we finished, we went to toilet since we were like half an hour early before our van comes.

Yep the whole bunch of us took a trip to toilet hunt.

Initially we only see men’s toilet and we were like wth?! is this a guy’s only faculty or something?

So we were like walking and walking and i spotted one secluded one through a door!


after that we went sight seeing and more chik -chak-ing!





this one is weird cause it’s actually the elevator’s button. I think you like need passwords to actually go up the lifts.

Unless probably if you’re a OKU you could just press that OKU button and it’ll magically open?


So Hogwarts lah…

*pokes secret dormitory's door*

(Ghost/fatLadyinPainting/Eagle/Snake) : password?

student: Fuck it and open up you piece of crap

(refer above) : correct. you may enter.



So after that we went back into the lab and camwhored *pic with friend T_T* and then our van came and we went back to one-building-fits-all-faculty HICT in KLANG.

Of course with more camwhoring~

(though most photos are in my friend’s camera T_T)




  IMG_3500-1                          IMG_3498


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So That’s the end of Part 1 at UiTM.

More to come since we have like 5 experiments every Wednesday!


See yah then. 




myfr3ak said...

haiya..ingatkan kena attack with terrorist..hehe

Dylan Phuah said...

i tot really got raid. haha!

kenwooi said...

you all attack izzit.. lol..
got find gold anot? =P


Mizzsharon said...

U from uitm yea?
I used to study in this sister school of uitm.
INTEC in shah alam.
Any chance that you've heard of it?

stephy-nie said...

@myfreak dylan & ken : lol gotcha! hahahaha. aiyo no gold lah ken.. so sad. got equipments worth thousands but then too heavy to steal lah XD

@mizzsharon: Nah i'm not from UiTM. I'm from HELP ICT in klang. was in UiTM for my lab only.. :D but i never heard of INTEC before wor.. sorry. :)

iyouwe.info said...

wei, nice pics! Nanged you for good post! Nang this to see the RM15,000++ web address! Tq!

Andy said...

INTEC is intenational education centre of uitm shah alam...at seksyen 17 shah alam...hehe...not at the main campus. :')

you guys really have fun at the lab :') hehehe

Kennee said...

ceh... i tot what attack... tipu orang punya~

stephy-nie said...

@iyouwe : thanks. will nang you :)

@Andy: ooicic.. well, the lab was real boring cause we gotta like wait and measure, wait and measure. sien XD but the camwhore was fun! XD

@kennee: boh tipu lah.. we went and attack it mah. tho not literally.

shyneze said...

hopefully jasvinder didnt burn the skul..i still remember how he messing around with the chemical..aww..those days.

Kyoru said...

Lol. I tot we'll get another cuti because of a raid. So kecewa this. Haha.

stephy-nie said...

@shyne sze : yalo yalo. I also scared that happen ler. XD I'll keep an eye on him. And yeah it makes you miss those days huh? lol. crazy mr. krishnan's class!

@kyo: sorry lah kyo. takde cuti ler. XD ini raid kecil kecilan sahaja XD

shyneze said...

mr. krishnan..tht fella..they used 2 say hez gay..kekeke...

stephy-nie said...

@ongy : yeah lah.. gay lah then he always scratch his belly XD eeee


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