November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th : 2012 : Poker King review


On Wednesday I watched 2 movies. First was Poker King in the afternoon




With this 4 peeps we ran from college to Bukit Raja and somebody *cough* skipped *cough* class



Poker King was funny! though you may say typical Hong Kong gambling movie but I never get sick of those funny ones especially by Louis Khoo! Me love HIM!

SO this movie is good it you wanna have a good laugh and see how Louis Khoo seduces the ladies~


And then later that night I went to 2012’s Premier Screening at e@curve with Sean, Mei Keat and Alrin! (Malas to edit the photos lah)


IMG_6217  IMG_6231 

And because we didn’t see this earlier…


We had to like line up freaking long to get in cause we have to leave anything with cameras OUTSIDE the cinema hall!

PLUS! we all got scanned with metal scanners at the entrance!


madness they’re so freaking strict!

IMG_1599 IMG_1607 IMG_1610

Cause of this our screening got delayed till 10pm.

And it ended at like what? 1245am!!


But guess what? i get to meet @mikecampton from 8tv Nitelive! IMG_1585

yeah, that’s my retard face saying I KNOW YOU!!!!



Met Suresh finally!


Bernard again! He won the tickets from 8tv tho with what you’ll do if you have 7 hours left?

ANS : If i have 7 hours left I will… toot toot toot toot *line terputus*


RANDOM giler lah!

EV I’m sure you’ll be proud of him! kan kan? XD


Managed to grab Jackie outside the toilet after the movie too!

I saw Pui Yeng too inside the cinema hall! but tarak camera so tarak photo..

So it was a 2 hours and 45 minutes movie.

Graphics : AWESOME!! though some part may be alil unbelievable but then again looking at the world being destroyed = AWSOME! 2012 2012

Story : There were some funny parts~ 2012

draggy parts~ gan jiong parts,


some touching parts


but then again I say it’s quite worth spending your 3 hours watching this movie!

I enjoyed the whole movie getting all freaking excited when the lake exploded and the land sunk and all while mei keat beside me was whimpering



mei keat : omg! stephanie! *covers eyes*

stephy : omg omg mei keat so freaking awesome! did you see that!!!! *laughs excitedly like a 3 year old looking at candy store*

But to think about it its really crazy weh cause the ones that will be saved is those rich and famous people cause they can afford it while we poor people just stand here and watch the Earth destroys!

which is kinda awesome!

Unless you dowana die.


 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_6213 IMG_6214  

JUST sad cause I didn’t win that PS3 they were giving out






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