November 06, 2009

Phobia2 : I finally got my Monster!!!

Yesterday night I went for the Phobia 2 screening at GSC 1Utama all thanks to Nuffnang  for giving me those invitations



and who else to go with but Sean gor!


Shit the photo damn blur neh. That night my camho skills sucked to the MAXIMUM!


Anyways we reached about 6-is 7 i think and after like ages thinking what to eat, we decided to go to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!


Well before this i had 2 friends who one supported Wong Kok’s cheese baked rice to the max, while the other despises their cooking to the freaking mazimum!

But then oh heck i just went only lah. and of course I ordered


 Cheese baked spaghetti with pork chop and Portuguese Sauce!

omfg this is AWESOME!

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove the sauce!!


The dinner set came with IMG_5884

Soup! choice of sweet corn eeuw cream soup or this red-sour-yummy-vege-i-forgot-call-what-soup


fruits! or dessert which based on Sean is super small and unworth it.



Drinks! which is this three-quarter-of-the-glass-is-ice drink from choices like tea, coffee, yin yong which is like hong kong style cham and blablabla.

This set cost me RM18.00.

And Sean ordered this vege+meat with rice which has sweet sauce which he ate very the terpaksa-ly cause the taste sucked like hell



Then we walked around and CIMB was doing some promo thingy on the G floor and so we were at the 1st floor looking at what booth they have when we heard the unspotted DJ spoke.

He was asking a question to the audience about the CIMB tagline and I instinctively pointed at the answer right at the booth below us to Sean when suddenly the DJ appeared out of nowhere asking ME to repeat my answer!

I was like huh? who me?

DJ : yah you! what you said just now? Please repeat!

Stephy : *screams tagline from top floor*

DJ : again! i cant hear you!

stephy-nie : oh what the hell *screams at top of lungs*

People : *stares*

stephy-nie : eheheheheh~

DJ : congratulations! come on down and grab your prize!!

stephy-nie : *runs down escalator* yay yay yay yay!


what i won? what i won? what i won?

DJ : you’ve won yourself a…………

Car Windshield Shade courtesy of CIMB Bank!!1swt 

DJ : that’s not all! I challenge you to play foosbal wimme!

2 Against me alone! you guys know how to play this?

stephy-nie & Sean : *shakes head*

DJ : nemaine! play only! lose also got prize wan! I’m so gonna kick your ass!

stephy-nie & Sean :

*look at each other*

*nod head*

ala ala phobia2 lah


And here we go!

and then we lost.


Yeah we sucked like hell.

2 person playing tapi lost to that guy

So embarrassing.


IMG_5963 IMG_5962

what I won

So then it was already 9 and so we went back to the cinema to go watch the movie cause it starts at 9pm kononnya lah

Was like looking around for any signs of bloggers tapi takde pulak muka kenal.

And since Sean need to use the bathroom we pun masuklah..

I think ah they forgot to show the adverts leh cuz when we masuk we were like sitting there like dungus for 15 minutes plus and nothing was screened and then out of nowhere after I spotted Carson and Jackie Loi and Jessica the screen sudd came alive and the speakers screamed and the light suddenly went off.


Like wth.

ANYWAY so the movie PHOBIA 2 consists of 5 diff stories which is :


Novice – where Karma haunts.

kinda the out-of-nowhere-loud-sound-to-scare-you type of story.

But then again, when you know what he did, daym! shitty wei..

The sound effect in this story rawks.

Can feel the rock coming towards you.

Awesome gila babi.


Ward – oooh. This is creepy cause the idea of ghosts in hospitals just scares the hell outta me.

Sound effect from the old guy freaked me.

But then again it’s still FARNIE!


Backpackers – Do NOT hitch hike in Thailand. You might end up experiencing real life Left4Dead + Resident Evil.


This got me laughing the whole way.


The guy was a hottie! He’s so darn good looking!


Salvage – This story is alil BORING. Predictable. Makes no much sense why do they haunt her.

Basically sien lah.

And in the end….


In the End – This one is AWESOMIC! like really really REALLY GOOD!

I love this part the most cause it’s so darn unpredictable!

Seriously people actually clapped during SEVERAL scenes.

God how we ALL kena zha.


 Bottom line is,

If you’re the type that laughs while watching horror movie : Do watch cause it’s REALLY FARNIE. and seriously the last story is worth waiting.

If you’re the type that screams at horror movies even though you already know what might happen next : WATCH it!! Cause I think you WILL scream badly at Novice, Ward, Salvage and maybe In The End too.

If you’re a fan of L4D or Resident Evil, watch for the sake of watching Backpackers and you’d be jumping on the seat screaming instructions on how they could kill those zombies.


After the movie we all excited the cinema and heck! it leads us out to the CARPARK?!

It looked like out of nowhere tons of people kena released into the empty huge parking lot nia.IMG_5906

Met several bloggers then like finally saw a few! and camho-ed with a few two of them.


 First was Yu Liang! And you know I actually confused Yu Liang and Chee-v for like a second. Seriously, I thought I panggil salah nama


 Gosh I have such horrible memory.

And Yuliang I know this is blur but I think we look nicer here that the UNblur photo



Macam kena paksa nia lea. And me holding those things in the pic. =.=

Then I met Jacq for the second time and Sam for the first! But then didn’t get to camho with them cause when I went to Carson to get my keychain, I turned and they were GONE. *poof*


So  shall wait till 2012’s screening next Wednesday!

and oh did I mention I got the invitations already?

Like as in I’m going to go watch 2012 next Wednesday!!


*ehem ehem*

SO, where was I?

Oh ya, did I mention again that for some reason I couldn’t camho properly that night?

Look at this pic lah!


I didn’t put in the photo with your full head in cause its ugly and blur!

Darn! My hair is so horrible!

but anyway anyhow nice meeting you guys like FINALLY.






Do we look alike? :D

IMG_5921  IMG_5947

Munstah zis from Mid Valley Megamall :D

Mey so happey! was parading it in college today and everyone said it was cute! or else I would MAKE them ADMIT that it IS cute

Alrighty, long post means I have unfinished work which was abandoned to be finished so toodles people~!




† ИICHOLAS † said...

omg.... phobia!!!y is everyone watchin that movie without me =.= not fair...

Carson Heng said...

U need more practice on the camho skillzzzz~~~ xD

stephy-nie said...

@nic : why you didn't go then XD didnt get the invitations?

@carson : i ada practice tapi tapi... that day laugh too kau lat ady till cant camho popli XD

Kyoru said...

lol that monster is uber kyuut~! XD

Tony Wan said...

LOL.. the monster is so cute :D

stephy-nie said...

@kyo and tony : I KNOW!!! all thanks to carson :D


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