December 07, 2009

EXAM MODE ON : Forgive me!

Exam starts today afternoon at 2.30pm. Wish me luck!

I'm in college computer lab blogging instead of studying. Which is bad.

I ACCIDENTLY deleted several comments for my Tom Yum post T_T

sososososo^1000000 very the sorry. I haven't even read it....

Go check out Ah Kiew Tom Yum Facebook Fan page here for details and maps.

Shall be back in a week. Or two. Or tomorrow? XD



ps : I hate the blogger's post editor.. I want Windows Live Writer!!!!!!!! T_T my post so fugly.


KimberlyMay said...

Good luck on your exams!! See you soon!

Mabel Low said...

All the best mate!! ;D

stephy-nie said...

thanks gals!

conan_cat said...

good luck in ur exams!! :D

CyberBlogger said...

nice.. post...

stephy-nie said...

@conan_cat : thanks!

@cyberblogger : woots! thanks


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