December 12, 2009

I’m a graduate! Goodbye HICT

Yesterday I finished my last uber horrible blur exams and I am officially 3/4 a graduate!!IMG_5531 

*warning uber many photos ahead*

why 3/4 of a graduate and not fully a graduate? cause I still have my design report pending and it’s due next thursday and after that I’m 100% free of my Diploma and will be a graduate!!!!!


Though I may be overexcited with the fact that i’ve graduated yes i’ve mentioned the word graduate for thousands of times in a sentence IMG_0191

but then sitting in the library yesterday waiting for my friends to finish their exams, I started  thinking and it’s so weird!


Thinking of the fact that I no longer have to come back here for another semester,


not meeting these great people I know,


not discussing with the chem engs and Ms Leena on how to kao tim our next sem’s subjects and lecturers,


having the classes that we’ll complain about..IMG1015A

piah-ing our last minute revision for test in the library together


From the earliest times when I first came in college where i was with a different crowd at that time,  687226760l

And then events after events I knew more and more people

ADD Moonlight Jive ‘07

end of sunshine jiveSteamboat!

Xmas caroling ‘07

HICT Carrols 072

Prom night Hollywood Glam ‘09 6770_115338691247_770561247_2199703_1652749_n 6574_118931714648_658524648_1978433_5247826_n



and with the engineering peeps i was with


Loo, Sasi, Koh, Miko, Xhie Hweai, Jassy


Mr Jamal, Jed, Song Jair, Wai Meng, Mr Tharam


Add in Mei Keat and Yen Yen


Johnny the koren, Iyad the Maldivian


Bryan the Sabahan, Kim Soon the KL Head PrefectIMG_5863

Ms Christina!, Priya, Ai Lin


And then more people came in!IMG_5500

cockroach wai keong, roy, kah sim, john…


Sarah, Derek, Alrin, Yong Keat, Eat-alot-but-never-get-fat Wai Meng, Sebastian



Mukthar from Somalia! He left today yesterday! Gonna miss that tall crazy guy!

Take care back home in Dubai and don’t join the Somalian pirates okay?!


oh ya not to mention Bernie!


Plus recently I got to know Sebastion and Nicholas (the main star in the yo yo yo hoodie photo earlier).

You tell me how not to miss these ermm..  annoying mangkuk-ish bully-ish crazy noisy mad erm….

NICE people!

1775465288jpg 1775465300


Hope you guys who are going to the Jalan Sg. Besi new campus enjoy the new place!

Shall go visit you guys when free. No worries.

Besides you guys, i have “reasons” to go there anyway wad


So still okie lah..

The rest who is flying away..


Take Care and don’t forget me!

Make sure jio me go yumcha ah!

*sob sob*


I shall miss all our craziness that we did!

and miss how we seniors bully spoil you all juniors..IMG_3972

or perhaps the other way round1775465290jpg

Have a feeling that I will be back to college quite often till results are out and to “check out” from college which I had no idea how till Jay told me.


Rupa-rupanyer need to go take form and get signatures from every blardy department de..

PLUS i need to go use my 383 pieces of printing quota!!!!


wtf lea..


But good thing is I can go print my e-books and read them!!!!


which means m getting Dan Brown books for freee!!!!!

Oh well..

Love ya guys!


IMG1920A IMG1194A IMG_6873 IMG_4335IMG_4360 IMG_4363  IMG_2748 IMG_6436

IMG_4326 IMG_2617IMG_3305 IMG_5824

IMG_5825 IMG_5368 IMG_5330 IMG_5392IMG_1133 IMG_1262IMG0218A IMG_1293 IMG0227A   IMG_6907 IMG_6942 IMG_6934 IMG_7019 IMG_6991  IMG_6956

Good Night!


*plays Graduation by VitaminC on Background*

“As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Had together

and as our lives change

Come whatever

We will still be

Friends forever”




stephy-nie said...

Alrin Lee said...

*think-ing while super emo-ing* :
lolz... walaoA...
make me think alot le...
12 December 2009 05:43

stephy-nie said...

@Alrin : aiyo think think think ok wad. but then I think is think of everyone.. you think one person nia... different lea.. XD
12 December 2009 09:28

Andy said...

wow! gratz for u ^^

stephy-nie said...

thanks andy ^^

yoon see said...

Congrats yeah:)

stephy-nie said...

@yoon see : thanks babe ^^


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