January 18, 2010

49/50 I can’t wait for CNY!!

OMG i know its like less than ONE month to CNY but then I cant wait anymore!

I can’t wait to get ANGPAOS money money money!

Can’t wait for my new pretty pretty clothes!

Can’t wait to be hanging out with the same bunch of people at many many different places (i.e. their houses XD)

Can’t wait to see my house go boom! with overloading humans at one time!

Can’t wait to eat eat and eat!!

Can’t wait to shop!!!!!

Can’t wait to DRESS UP!!!

aiyo.. the whole point is CANT WAIT LAH!!!

and ps : I scored my UNDANG!! How does 49/50 sounds like?54

If only exams are that easy XD



myfr3ak said...

Haip! Happy upcoming CNY! I also waiting for CNY! Holiday! Yeay! Proud to be Malaysian! Hee

Dylan Phuah said...

pass your driving test then you can bring me around. :) congrats!

yoon see said...

Wish you have more Angpaos yeah Stephy-nie!

cr3ap said...

Well, you forgotten about 1 thing and the most important thing of all, Can't wait to gamble :D. Maybe you don't like gamble. But it's rather happening on CNY to gamble. You can't be enjoying CNY without blackjack :D.

Regards from cr3ap

Kimberly said...

wow~! Cool~! 49/50 is a good score. Congrats girl! =)

CNY will be reli soon, patience yea =)

Take care


stephy-nie said...

@myfr3ak : yay! correct correct holiday! hahaha.. woohoo!

@Dylan : can can. you can help me test drive. see you can tahan how long first XD

@yoon see : wish you more ang paos too!

@cr3ap: yeap gamble too! more money into pocket! XD

@kimberly : LOL thank you. haha.. m patience-ing XD sabar-ing XDD

ch3 said...

woooooo... can go learn drive car liao... and... y CNY mood so early!!!! =..= later i also CNY mood... cant work dy... :P :P :P

stephy-nie said...

hahahah yalo yalo CNY mood this year attack so early!! I want shopping! XD err.. you sabar abit lah.. must work must work.. after boss marah you blame me pulak XD

stephy-nie said...

@cleffairy : paiseh!! i TER-reject your comment!! >< but then chill lah.. I know relatives can be very *&(#$% same goes to mine too but then m looking at the bright side which is SHOPPING and ang paos!

And you just made me dread getting married now @@ postpone 5 more years which = 15 years later!! :P


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